Christmas Shopping: UFC Style

Christmas Shopping: UFC Style

Christmas is around the corner and a lot of people are scrambling for gifts and asking what others want. Well if you ask a MMA fan what they want it probably has to do with clothes or DVD’s. With the UFC, they have you covered for all your digital media needs.

Below are 3 DVD’s that are sure to perk any fan’s interest and even if you are new to the sport, you can catch up on what you missed.

Bad Blood Chuck Liddell/Tito Ortiz

The ultimate rivalry in the UFC to the date was between the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” and the “Iceman”. The once friends in the sport that helped build each other up to what they have become now, challenged each other 2 times in the Octagon. This DVD really goes into detail on the back stories on both fighters on their first experiences in MMA, and how the rivalry got so intense over the years.

When you hear both fighters names put together you think back to the epic battles they had not only on the outside of the cage, but inside as well. Both legendary fights are included on this single DVD and many back stories not known, are included.

With the two of the household names from the UFC being brought together on this DVD this is definitely a great gift for any fan.

Ultimate Knockouts 9

Some casual fans aren’t interested in the whole technical aspect of MMA, so this DVD will surely gauge your interest. Now if you have a Blu-ray player, you should pick up this title on this version due to the quality of the fights. There are over 30 fights in this disc with many of the fights ending in tremendous fashion. When you think knockouts people are thinking about just the punching aspect, but with MMA kicks are a main part of this. You have Anderson Silva front kicking Vitor Belfort, or where Lyoto Machida knockouts Randy Couture in similar fashion.

If you are looking for power from the hands to the feet there’s no reason why you should buy this. Ultimate Knockouts has a running time over an hour and a half and be sure to make any fan smile.

Ultimate Fight Collection 2011

This is probably for the fan that is a stickler for collecting everything and anything that pertains to the sport and UFC in general. This set is at the higher level in terms of cost (99.99 dollars) but the price is well worth what you get. With the 20 discs packaged in a nice booklet case that goes from UFC 116 until the UFC Live 4 show, you will have more than enough hours to explore. The set is something that puts in every fight on each disc and you can relive your favorite fights from the past year.

Even though the price might be out of the price range of many, if you can find a few deals on Amazon or even eBay, it’s something that would be great to have on your shelf.

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