Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness
Courtesy Chicago Bears

Come October the leaves change, weather gets cooler and the constant reminder that Breast Cancer is real.

Breast Cancer affects a lot of people across the world and getting the awareness out there is something that has gone on for years. From donations and October being designated as Breast Cancer Awareness month a lot of people participate on trying to find a cure for this horrible disease.

Now with the NFL and other majors sports players get to wear pink wristbands, towels, and make it noticeable that people care about ending the threat of breast cancer.

A fan recently asked Lorenzo Fertitta (owner of Zuffa and UFC) about the company doing things for Breast Cancer Awareness month. This was his reply.

Now I’m not sure which organization Lorenzo had to go through in regards of showing their support to Breast Cancer awareness but I did indeed call the Komen Company and was given a “no comment” on the subject.

With the NFL, NHL, and other major sports this would be a great way to get the word out even more and bring more donations to the respective charities and research. I’m sure the UFC could have asked to have the refs wear pink wrist bands; fighters wear pink shorts or even have a spot on the Octagon for the logo. It would be a great to further publicize of what the month of October is all about and getting to that ultimate goal of finding a cure.

Now the question is why was the UFC denied on supporting a great cause? Did the individuals at their respective companies think the UFC is still “dangerous” and decide they don’t want the publicity from a sport that in their mind is too combative?

Whatever the case it’s a shame that the UFC couldn’t support a great cause and was turned away. Breast Cancer is a very tough thing to deal with and getting the word out is something that is always difficult to do and to gain more money toward research is that much harder.

It’s a head scratcher wondering why the UFC was denied partcipating in a great cause,  as it would have brought nothing but positives for the awareness and hopefully cure in the near future.

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