The Man Behind the Referee Stripes

The Man Behind the Referee Stripes

Immediately when you hear the words “Let’s Get It On" the name John McCarthy hits. No I’m not talking about the computer scientist (Google him) but the MMA referee that has been around for years.

Who knew just doing your job would get you the accolades and recognition you had outside of your work place. Well with the book “Let’s Get It On” it makes you look past the overseeing of MMA fights and opens up a world of Big John that he only knew and never told before.

With John McCarthy mostly everybody sees him in the dark pants and black shirt with the Nevada Athletic Commission logo on the top right corner, and him in the cage watching 2 fighters engage in combat. However, when those 15 minutes or less are finished, John McCarthy heads home and tries to live the normal life and not make a big deal of what he loves to do.

Author and Journalist Loretta Hunt, who was let inside the past and present of John McCarthy explores what he had to deal with on a daily basis from childhood until the time he first stepped into the cage. From being looked at as a future football player in the NFL, to being the toughest kid on his block, McCarthy faced perseverance every day. With his Dad being a police officer the thought was always there that he might see his father on any given day, but that’s what gave him the extra strength to build his life to what it is.

Now with this book there is a great balance to new fans of the sport and the hardcore ones who know the ins and out of the sport of MMA and it all comes back full circle to who officiated these fights. Being a MMA referee isn’t an easy job and many fans of the sport like to contradict the actions of some during certain fights, but with McCarthy he built a standard. Many referees follow that precedent McCarthy set and point to him on what a good referee in this sport is all about.

The first person prospective from the first time McCarthy officiated a fight (UFC 2) and what obstacles he had to overcome and how he learned something from each fight is a uniqiue way to feel like you are the one reliving his past. McCarthy did follow his Dad in becoming a police officer and that has helped him in the way he conducts business inside the cage that is not only stern, but fair.

With Loretta who is mostly known for her journalist skills, really set her news “hat” on the shelf and pursued a detailed way of telling John’s story. With being a journalist and being an author there is a small window on how a story can be told without being a journalist and she found it. Loretta really brought this book in a pace that relives his past but doesn’t oversee the stories that brought McCarthy to MMA.

Let’s Get It On is a great book that is for any person looking for the story on the most recognizable referee in MMA history, and for a story that almost anybody can relate too. Loretta Hunt captured this story with such precise detail and John McCarthy was not afraid to let his life be public. This book is something that should be on any fans shelf and gives you the real story on a man who never knew he would be the number one referee in mixed martial arts.

Let's Get It On can be purchased at Amazon or any local bookstore. Follow Loretta Hunt on Twitter.

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