Paul Daley Doesn't Seem to Care

Paul Daley Doesn't Seem to Care

I may sound like a broken record lately, but there is a difference between Paul Daley and Nick Diaz. In a previous article, I called out Nick Diaz for being incompetent and digging his own grave for not living up to the responsibilities of a fighter.

I did say attending press conferences is a part of the job as a fighter and Diaz is still in denial of what he thinks and doesn’t think he has to do. I can go on and on with him but it seems many are wasting their time on a guy that has the talent but can’t figure out what path to take. There’s another fighter that has irked me as of late and that is Paul Daley.

Nicknamed the Semtex for his explosive punching skills, but recently the nickname is pertains to his increasing weight. His fight over last weekend was at Bamma 5 in England and he came in 7 lbs. overweight.  Yes you read that correctly 7 lbs. and that’s just insulting to his opponent and what the sport is all about. Sounds familiar huh, I said that about Diaz and it seems both of them have a lack of care for what their job is all about.

Now if he was a half-pound over weight or even a pound overweight that is totally understandable as scales can vary from different locations. But 7 lbs. at the time of the weigh-in and no chance at all to lose that weight is totally inexcusable. This was the 5th time out of 11 fights that Daley has come in over-weight and he even made a statement saying he will work harder on his weight at Bamma 5. Obviously that concentration on dieting didn’t last long and Daley doesn’t care to forfeit 10 percent of his purse every-time he is overweight.

Recently, Felice Herrig (a local Chicagoland fighter) was involved with the same type of situation back in August in where her opponent came in 7 lbs. overweight. The entire fight was scrapped and Felice Herrig was publicly disappointed.

“I don’t care if you are woman or man, if you are a professional you need to make weight. This is bad for the sport every time somebody doesn’t do their job."

You can’t disagree with Herrig because it’s very frustrating for fans that want to see the fights, and the opponent that lived up to their job expectations. Paul Daley continues to insult the MMA community with the lack of care for training, or cutting the pounds before his fight. But, at fault are the companies as well for not regulating his weight, and don’t have a Burt Watson type person that checks in on the fighters to make sure they are on weight.

But at the end of the day the primary responsibility is the fighter and if they continue to get a “free pass” of sorts and are allowed to fight it’s making MMA that much more critical. Training and keeping in shape is part of the fight occupation and if Paul Daley is allowed to continue to come overweight and show no regard of staying on point for his weight then ultimately the sport will suffer.

Sure Daley is a proven MMA veteran but that doesn’t excuse him from overlooking his weight and giving him an advantage if the fight does indeed take place. Would you want to fight a fighter 7 lbs. overweight who most likely didn’t show enough respect to come in on weight? Not likely unless you want to be the person on the ground and a guy heavier than you laying on top.

I don’t understand why Paul Daley continues to miss weight and he has yet to give concrete reasons, which would make me change his opinion on how he treats his job.  I know being a professional fighter isn’t an easy thing to do but Daley has found ways to make it only tougher on himself but fans wanting to see an even fight. Daley has the talent to be a future champion again but coming overweight time and time again will be the reason he won't live up to those expectations.

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