What's Next for Anderson Silva?

What's Next for Anderson Silva?

Is Anderson Silva human?

This man has gone 5 years without a loss and this past Saturday he defeated Yushin Okami to defend his Middleweight Championship for a record 9th time. When you talk about Anderson Silva, there’s no doubt you put him as one of the best in the sport of MMA.

Not only is Silva that good, but he does it with such unorthodox style such as; dropping his hands during fights, taunting his opponent, and odd head movement. Many other fighters who have tried this in the past have failed and paid a price for not following standard fight protocol. With “The Spider” it’s different because as soon as his opponent makes that one move he responds with 2 moves in succession. It’s a chess match and Silva is always 2 or 3 moves well ahead of his opponent, and makes it look easy in the cage. With him continuing to win what is next for Silva?

Below are some fights that have gauged interest from fight fans and I rank them from 1 star, being the least interesting to 5 stars, being the most interesting. Silva has options out there and Joe Silva (matchmaker of the UFC) has a few options there that make sense.

Chael Sonnen

With the threats from management of Okami to pull a sponsorship, as well as fans from Brazil saying they would kill him if made an appearance in Brazil, Sonnen decided in his best interest not attend UFC 134. Sonnen has that WWE personality down where trash talking his opponents past or present is something of a daily occurrence. Sonnen took shots left and right at Silva for being a weak champion and has called him getting lucky over the years. Many people enjoy the insults, and others think Sonnen is more of a talker instead of a fighter. Whatever the case, Sonnen was the only one that really gave Silva a run for his money at UFC 117.

The thing between Silva and Sonnen the seed has already been planted where Sonnen still continues to insult him as well as his home country of Brazil and doesn’t leave anything to himself. This would be a big draw for the UFC as well as a fight fans still want to see if what Sonnen showed in the first fight was real and that he can beat Silva.

The only roadblock in the way for this fight to happen is that Sonnen would have to beat Brian Stann in October at UFC 136. If this happens it would be a very easy fight to market, and we can see if Sonnen possesses the skills to beat the champion.

Interest Meter: ★★★

George St. Pierre

Another fighter on what looks like will never lose his Welterweight Championship. He has been a force in the division and if he beats Nick Diaz at UFC 137 what is left for GSP in the Welterweight division? He has defended his title 6 times and hasn’t lost in 4 years. He is one of the fighters in the UFC that is pushed as the “main face” in terms of bringing publicity to the sport.

Moving up to 185lbs is possible for GSP and he has said in the past he would like to move up in weight class in the near future. This would be a super fight of sorts as both fighters have equally amount of skill and talent and fans have been asking for this fight for a long time.

Interest Meter: ★★★★½

Jon Jones

The current Light-Heavyweight Champion and being only 24 years old has racked up quite a year for an MMA fighter. He won the title from Shogun Rua at UFC 128 and is gearing up for another fight against Rampage Jackson at UFC 135. Silva has said he walks around 220 after weigh-ins so making that weight of 205 shouldn’t be a problem.

The only problem I see with this possibly fight matchup is I don’t think Jones has had enough fights as a champion and being only 24 there is a lot of time for improvement and solidifying his spot as the top fighter in the 205lb division. I wouldn’t want to see this match-up, at least for another year and see if Jones has successfully defended his title a few times. If that happens then this fight with Silva should take place but right now I think it’s too early to put this fight into motion but in the future I can see it as a possibility.

Interest Meter: ★★

The Spider has developed his own legacy of being the best in the sport right now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon even with the fighters I listed above as possible opponents. There are a few hurdles for each fighter to clear before the talks of Silva even fighting one of these three are possible.

Silva would give any of these individuals’ headaches with his plan of attack and mind games. But right now Silva is happy where he is at and that’s being the best pound for pound fighter in MMA.

Or like he said on Saturday on who he wanted to fight next his response was “My clone”. That fight would be my five star rating.

Anybody have a cloning machine?

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