The Roller Coaster of Jens Pulver

The Roller Coaster of Jens Pulver

The name Jens Pulver is known throughout MMA and even though he isn’t in the "big leagues" anymore he still fights because it has saved his life.

Even when Jens Pulver was released from the WEC in 2010 he never gave up the job he knows all too well. Pulver returns to the cage August 13th, but when he enters the cage now he fights for himself, family and friends. A few years ago Pulver lost touch with what fighting is all about and blames that on his recent struggles that effected him inside and out of the cage.

“Back in the day when I was in the WEC and UFC I was always looking for two things and that is am I fighter or a businessman and I was always looking for easy way outs. I wasn’t training to my full potential and with the losses piling up anxiety started to set in. I was litterally stuck because I had so many people asking me what was going on with me and I finally had to step back and realize what was happening."

Fast forward to the current day and Pulver moved himself into Jeff Curran’s gym in Crystal Lake and he feels like he has rejuvenated his career with his wife pushing him toward what he loves and that is fighting.

“Many people close to me said if you are going to continue to fight you need to give 110 percent and that included my wife, Brian Butler, and Jeff Curran. They knew I had what it takes still left, it was just a matter of pushing me to the next level. So I said why give up now when I know this isn't the end for me."

While Pulver has been showing extreme improvement winning 2 out of his last 3 fights, outside of the cage his documentary “Driven” has become a worldwide success. Unlike other documentaries, this one focuses on the rise and fall and the constant roller coaster that is his life.

“I hope my film, really helps others relate to it in some way about failing and then picking yourself back up. With my life it’s a constant hill and valley scenario, and there isn’t many who can stay at the top of the hill. When I wanted to cry I smiled, when I was at the lowest point of my life, I never gave up because everybody gets knocked down and I’m trying to show others that it’s possible to get back up."

"With other films they always concentrate the rise or the falling of people but with what Director Gregory Bayne did was the middle of all of that. What happens when you rise and fall constantly and my life is just that."

With Pulver taking on Coty Wheeler, he is preparing not only for his fight but the future possibility of retirement that many have called for a few months ago. Pulver isn’t scared of that possibility in the future and he knows nobody will force him to stop fighting, other than himself.

“I know retirement is coming but I’m not fighting to win another Championship because I am already a World Champion. I ask anybody this, when they are 65 chilling in their rocking chair will they have regrets when they retire from anything?  You can ignore retirement or even death or you can understand it, and focus on what you are doing right now."

"I want to walk away from my athletic career knowing that I have zero regrets, and I don’t want to be the one in that rocking chair being haunted by my demons of knowing I didn’t give it my all. If you are focus on the future too much, you will lose grasp of what's happening right now and many feel miserable after they out of their job. I'm not ready to sit in that rocking chair."

Pulver has shown he has the focus and a new found direction and August 13th could be another stepping stone for a great career already.  Pulver being 36 and knowing he is on his last legs isn’t afraid to go out “guns blazing” and not being happy with just a win. With a mix of new and old people it seems Little Evil is making the best decisions not only for his family but his first priority and that is himself.

August 13th is another part of his never ending roller coaster and Pulver isn't ready to pull the plug on this ride because it's only getting better and the line for the next one is way too long.

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