Sonnen meets Stann at UFC 136

With one of the best trash talkers back in the UFC after a hiatus of a year and two months Chael Sonnen returns to the Octagon in October at UFC 136. Sonnen even with his time away from the octagon never gave up his chance to call out people and went after  Wanderlei Silva and Lyoto Machida. With both fights not happening Sonnen got another fighter who is on the rise and that is Brian Stann.

A former Marine of the United States Brian Stann is opening a lot of people's eyes with his recent 3 win streak in the UFC. Being brought over from the WEC, Stann was a former light heavyweight champion and not many knew who he was until recently with highlight reel wins over Chris Leben and Jorge Santiago. With trash talking Stann leaves in the hands of his opponent and who better then Chael Sonnen?

Sure everybody knows Chael Sonnen as the guy that almost beat Anderson Silva and built that fight up to what it could have been comparable to sudden death Stanley Cup playoff game. He isn’t afraid to talk and at times he has gone over the edge. But who can blame him? The fight is there to win but if you can get the upper hand in trash talking and insults then it’s a win-win. But like I said I don’t see Stann trading jabs back and forth because he just wants to let his hands and talent do the talking and that could frustrate Sonnen.

Sonnen loves to feed off the back and forth insults and if Stann doesn’t want to engage, then it would be pointless for him to continue on about Stann and what he really thinks about his fight game and character. It would be a “one man show” and Sonnen could be the one just talking to a wall at times while Stann is focused on the main objective. Hyping a fight always happens even though it’s never back and forth banter because media likes to get inside the minds of the fighters and really figure out what they think about the other guy. They can say things indirectly, or give their opinion on their last fights or their overall record. But if there is only one rock and not anther there would be no spark it’s useless to continue. Fortunately for Sonnen he won’t care…

One thing that this fight could be a major factor is Sonnen’s time out of the cage. Now yes he is probably training for the year he has been out but you can’t simulate crowd noises in sparring and the big arena’s that UFC holds their events in. It will be a challenge to get use the crowd noises the nerves then set in when he step into that cage and his psyche is focused. The layoff could hurt him in another way because he has had so many issues regarding his health and legal problems and that could have deterred him away from his training and what his job is all about. It’s tough to gauge just how focused Sonnen will be but hopefully he has put everything in the past and looks to be back into the Middleweight Title hunt.

Both fighters are known for the wrestling and this is an interesting pairing because both aren’t afraid to stand and bang as seen from their previous bouts. It will be interesting when the fight goes to the mat because both are so skilled on their backs it will be hard for either to submit each other with their defenses being almost flawless. Sonnen has great takedown defense and I'm sure it will be tough to shoot for a takedown but Stann also is willing to stand in the pocket and throw.

UFC 136 isn’t till October but with this fight being announced only yesterday I’m sure this fight will be the one fans will want to see. You can throw many headliners such as; “Sonnen’s Return” “Stann’s Jump To Number One Contender” or “The Mouth Versus The Marine”. I’m sure any of those will do and many wish this fight would happen next week just to see if Sonnen’s absence, is what the UFC and fans were missing.

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