Joe "Tech" Lauzon

Joe "Tech" Lauzon

Joe Lauzon is a fighter in the UFC and that’s a tough enough occupation already, but when he enters the technology world, he is probably more advanced than many. With Joe, computers and video games they go hand in hand and surprisingly they don't affect his day to day training.

With almost 35,000 followers on Twitter and inviting his followers to play XBOX constantly it’s easy to see why Joe is not only a fighter but a huge technology savvy person. He even has weekly  sessions where he takes questions and answers them by putting them on a white board.

Joe was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about everything GEEKY.

TG: Everybody knows that you’re a big technology guy and love to use everything from XBOX to your PC. What got you into the tech hobby?

JL: I was always fascinated by how it all worked. I always liked playing videos and stuff like that, but I really wasn't that into PC games at first. I eventually got into some serious StarCraft, but it was never about that initially. The logic behind it was interesting to me... kind of like how I math was. I would see numbers on a license plate and try to figure out how the numbers relate, and it was the same way with computers. How and why they worked was what really got me interested.

TG: With the technology being so advanced, do you use any of it to your advantage before, during or even after your fights?

JL: I definitely think we take full advantage of technology in the pre-fight prep stuff. We break down a lot of tape and do a whole bunch of things in camp that I am sure some people do, but I would bet that most don't. For example taping all my sparring and mitts sessions... really helps me correct errors when I can see what I am doing wrong.

TG: What video games are you looking forward to this fall/winter?

JL:  I am most looking forward to Modern Warfare 3. I am sure I will catch some heat from some people saying Battlefield 3 comes out too... but I am a Call of Duty guy.

TG: Has the technology ever distracted you from your training or focusing on your opponent?

JL: I think the only way technology ever distracts me is from going to bed. I have spent quite a few nights up until way too late screwing around online, and not really doing anything. It goes from 10pm to 3am in the blink of an eye and I am left wondering what in the hell did I do for 5 hours.

TG: With your new app being released, what can we expect from it in the coming months?

JL: My app will have lots of video content in the next few months. I won't show too much sparring or training, but there will be some. I really want to add some instructional stuff to it as well. I think I am going to do a short 2 or 3 minute clip talking about something every time I go to the gym. Some will come out bad, but I will put all of the good ones up.

Joe is also giving a chance to have a 2 hour gaming session with him over at Punch Drunk Gamer. It all happens August 12th and check out Punch Drunk Gamer for more details to play some video games with a not only a UFC Fighter but a great influence to the rest of the community regarding technology.

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