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With the recent announcement coming of UFC Undisputed 3 coming in January THQ is taking advantage of the new Kinect XBOX 360 technology and is bringing a new game called "UFC Personal Trainer". This game will be a full hands product with no controllers needed.

The game is due to release at the end of this month; this new title is taking the fitness aspect to a whole new level that compare to real life MMA training. With this video game title, working out is putting yourself into the athletic training mindset and pushing through sparring, and exercises.

With that being said Person Trainer designer Troy Sheets was kind enough to take some time to answer some questions regarding the new title. Below is the interview and it shows that with the absence of UFC Undisputed this year, won't affect the THQ or UFC community.

Ted Gruber: With THQ also making UFC Undisputed, how did the development of this game come to existence?

We have an outstanding partnership with UFC, and we are always looking for ways to extend the brand in new and compelling ways. The UFC is known for its world-class fighters and the interactive fitness genre has been missing a serious workout, so we felt putting the two things together made perfect sense.

Ted Gruber: Did you contact any trainers or fighters in terms of development of the game?

Throughout development we worked with renowned mixed martial arts (MMA) trainers Mark DellaGrotte, Greg Jackson and Javier Mendez. They provided for as a huge knowledge base of technique and routines that have developed some the fit athletes in the world. We also utilize an extensive number of UFC fighters for voice-over work and even a few cameo appearances in our video segments.

Ted Gruber: As Xbox is being a controller gaming system first, what made you go with the Kinect aspect for this game?

The activities users will perform during the course of a workout are perfectly suited for the Kinect sensor. Working out with a cable attached to a console can provide some limitations for a fitness product.

Ted Gruber: There are a lot of other workout games out there for various systems, what makes UFC Personal Trainer something that will make people wanting to continue to use it?

For many, more traditional workouts can get repetitive and boring after a while. We focus a good portion of the product on Activities that get the heart rate going and keep the user engaged. By combining the Activities in mini-game formats with scoring and multi-player challenges, users will be competing for high scores and achievements rather than thinking about counting repetitions. Also, we keep all activities under five minutes in length, so variety plays a considerable role. Not only does this deliver a great workout, but it keeps the users entertained.

UFC Personal Trainer releases June 28th for the XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3 consoles. More information on this game, visit this website along with pre-order options.

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