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Tito Ortiz Interview

With his back against the wall Tito Ortiz is looking for that first one in over 2 years to solidify his stake in the UFC. Ortiz is facing a tough Ryan Bader who has a record of 12-1 and his only loss coming to current Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones. Ortiz was kind enough to... Read more »

Paul Heyman Entering MMA

E-C-WE-C-W That’s the words that were chanted early in the 1990’s and continued into the early 2000’s. And who was the mastermind behind this professional wrestling success? Paul Heyman Many past wrestling fans and even current ones know this name because Paul Heyman not only because he revolutionized professional wrestling but he had this 6th... Read more »

UFC 131 Grades

Taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia UFC 131 was a great event and all the fighters showed that they were in the UFC for a reason. From the prelims and the main card every fight had a little of something. Below is the breakdown of the main card and this will be a regular occurrence,... Read more »

UFC Personal Trainer

With the recent announcement coming of UFC Undisputed 3 coming in January THQ is taking advantage of the new Kinect XBOX 360 technology and is bringing a new game called “UFC Personal Trainer”. This game will be a full hands product with no controllers needed. The game is due to release at the end of... Read more »

Roy Nelson 1.1

Roy Nelson 1.1
It was fun while it lasted and many will miss the Roy Nelson “belly” but in order for him to continue to his career in the UFC it’s time for it to go to the wayside. After 4 fights in the UFC and accumulating a .500 clip it seems Roy Nelson has been figured out... Read more »