Why you should still buy UFC 130


Tweets were flying, and people were going off on message boards on how the removal of the Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard fight was the main reason why UFC 130 was going to be big. Yes this fight was going to the final one in the trilogy and see who can take the rubber match. Many went to Dana White and voice their displeasure (which makes zero sense) and some were already planning to take refunds on airfare and tickets. But let me try to convince you that UFC 130 will still be one to purchase.

Brian Stann/Jorge Santiago

Both fighters are coming off a two fight winning streak as well as TKO of their previous opponents and looking to continue to make their way up Middleweight Division. Stann looked very impressive against Chris Leben and always possesses the knockout power. Santiago carries a 23-8 career record and with his second stint in the UFC he is probably looking to make an immediate impact. Both fighters are very tough Middleweights and both are sure to use their standing abilities inside the Octagon.

Frank Mir/ Roy Nelson

Who doesn't want to see two of the most notable heavyweights in the UFC just to hopefully stand and "bang" for 15 minutes? Frank Mir with his excellent Jiu-Jitsu, and Roy Nelson with his excellent striking power is a combination that will definitely supply fireworks.  Both are coming off a loss in their previous fight are looking to make their name talked about into the Championship talk. It will be a great fight to watch and I'm sure Nelson will rub his belly at least once (if that's what you're into).

Rampage Jackson/Matt Hamill

Originally matched up with Thiago Silva, Jackson is looking to piece together another winning streak in the UFC. With his attitude and fight buildup I'm sure there will be plenty said even before the fight takes place. Coming off a close decision to Lyoto Machida, I'm sure Jackson will be looking to finish the fight so all the doubters will be silenced. Matt Hamill doesn't speak much on fights as he goes along his business and goes out there and does his job. That has led him to 5 straight wins and one more win could give him fight with one of the top 10 in that division. Both love to throw punches but Hamill isn't afraid to take the fight to the ground. It will be an interesting match-up and hopefully one that ends in a finish.

Yes injuries happen all the time and you can't blame Dana White, the UFC, or the fighters themselves. I was very excited in seeing Maynard and Edgar fight one more time to see who comes out on top. But with that fight eliminated from the fight card many "fans" immediately got angry and decided UFC 130 is not going to be anything to watch.

Who knows what the other fights I haven't mentioned will be something that you don't want to miss? It usually happens that way when fans say they aren't going to watch the entire fight card is talked about as being amazing. Dedicated fans will definitely order the card while others will either continue to put the blame on others while the real blame is on luck. Have some faith on UFC 130 because even though the big names aren't there some fights can turn into historic. For those that are still wanting that Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar fight I'm sure it will happen this year so don't be disappointed for long.

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