The Voice vs Hulk Hogan

When that music hits and seeing the FACE of wrestling, you can't help but get that warm feeling that you are a part of professional wrestling. Hulk Hogan or also known as Terry Bollea has had a tremendous history of being the most well known figure of the "sport" and no matter the circumstances when Hulk hit that ring he brought a smile to a lot of people's faces.

With that being said, Hogan decided to accept Michael Schiavello's invitation to do an interview with him and talk about his career and what really happened behind the scenes during his WWF days and his career in general. Hogan doesn't do many interviews like this as recently his personal life has been caught up with the media and his divorce was a bitter one.

This interview was something that opened eyes to the casual fan and to the fans that have been following him his entire career. Below are a few subjects that were covered during the interview so be aware of some spoilers.

Back Problems: Over the years Hogan has gone through many years of back problems and said he had over 8 surgeries to the date. With the numerous backdrops and other maneuvers, really hurt his spine and back. He said that if he knew what he knew now he would use the sleeper as a finisher instead of the back drop.

Rocky Movie: Sylvester Stallone's people called Hogan and Hogan thought it was a huge joke for him to star in the movie Rocky III. He was asked to be a character called Thunderlips and Stallone wanted Hogan to hit him for real instead of the fake punches during the shooting.

Blading: Without giving out too much away Hogan discussed the correct way of blading or cutting themselves to show like they got busted open from a weapon or punch.  Many wrestlers kept the blade in their wrists or fingers, but Hogan explained where he kept his and always forgot he had it there.

That's just a small preview on the 50 minute interview with Hulk Hogan and he talks about plenty of others subjects that included Randy Savage. With the news of his passing this interview, shows what the Macho Man was up to until the day of his death.

Other interviews are constructed with very bland questions, and with The Voice he really got Hulk to open up no matter the topic at hand. He really concentrated on the past wrestling days and what stories that many didn't know about or the truth behind stories that have been construed. With a great history from the start of his career in 1977 and to this very day, when you are watching this interview you can really see Hogan is a down to earth person and loves the business dearly for whatever company he is working for.

Unfortunately, The Voice didn't ask my question about his acting job in 3 Ninjas at Magic Mountain. Hogan was the hero of the movie and even though movie was awful he was praised for his role.

There are plenty more topics discussed; The Iron Shiek, Andre the Giant, and Vince McMahon and how the Hulkamania name came into existence. The entire episode airs tonight and you check out all the info on how to watch this amazing episode here. It really lets you see the two sides of this man and how he became the trend setter of the wrestling world.



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