The Twitter Trolls

The Twitter Trolls

With the UFC summit just taking place a little over a week ago, the company really wants the fighters to use social media more often. With Twitter and Facebook being in the demographic of what ages UFC wants to pull into their shows, it would only make sense to use these tools to their advantage. Now with the fighters using them more frequently since the summit, there could be some problems on the "fans" end of things.

Now don't get me wrong I use Twitter everyday and it's a great tool not only to get news but to talk to fighters and see how they are out of the octagon and training sessions. It lets you inside the world of extraordinary athletes and many respond to many users. On the other side of the coin though, there is a huge problem with many people who love to be ignorant and rude.

This problem occurs all the time with people throwing out tweets to famous individuals such as; "hey you suck", "you'll tap out again because you can't wrestle", and so on. Sure this can be kids being kids but when the tweeting gets more and more insulting and vulgar the person that owns that twitter account needs to wake up.

Dana White, who is has over a million followers on Twitter has made it a point to respond to the haters, casual fans who blame everything on him, and people that can barely put a sentence together. He puts them down quickly in the same manner they respond to him and goes on to respect the true fans that also talk to him. You can disagree that him responding to the negative people, makes him look insulting and a bad reflection of the company, but sometimes it is too much.

What I'm trying to get at is that many people on twitter use it to their advantage and some use it to either gain attention, or they feel good about their hate tweet toward somebody.  It's an odd thing to do especially when that person hate 2 or 3 followers and doesn't have a picture for their avatar. I don't know the motives behind sending those messages to the fighters or even employees of the UFC but it sure makes that individual be looked at as a bad apple in the fan base.

Sure fighters want to interact with their fans and love to hear their suggestions and with the combat sport being very popular these days, the outlet of Twitter makes it convenient. Fighters are the kind that isn't comparable to other professional sports because they know what it was like to be a fan at one point, but when you get the ignorance from people it makes the whole use unbearable.  Taking a look at some of these individuals, and hopefully knocking some sense into them would make the social media outlet a whole lot better to use for everybody.

No Name- These types of people like to go on twitter and or message boards just to talk trash, troll their messages, and not give out their real name. I know this is the day of computers and technology but as somebody said if you have an opinion use your real name and show some credibility behind your tweets. Putting an anonymous name, and then either tweeting insults every 2 seconds or complain about every card is terrible, and fighters getting hurt is always somebody else's fault. I don't know the thinking process of these people. They sure have more problems outside of the world of Twitter then other would like to know about.
It's true anybody can sign to use Twitter but the way they use it can be only a bad reflection on what fans are the sport want to be known as and with the numerous jokesters out they're just using the tool to let their anger be known, unfortunately.

I can't tell people or individuals what to say or how to conduct themselves, but common sense is a great start. I've heard the quote before "think before your tweet" and not many follow that rule and just let their initial thoughts run off.

You can say there are problems through every sport and their athletes with social media but I think it arises too often within the MMA community. It is a great tool for anybody that wants to get information and interact with others, but when others let their anger or attitude gets the best of them the fans as a whole is looked at as a negative group. Many use this as an advantage to their everyday life and hopefully after reading this, I convinced a few more to do the same.

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  • I completely agree, its people trying to get followers by insulting athletes when in no circumstance could they do what the fighters do.

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