TUF Lacking The "Wow" Factor


After 4 weeks the Ultimate Fighter has gotten the bad rap by some as being stale and very lackluster. The show in the past has had its moments and surprises and the ratings have shot through the roof but this year things are different.

To blame the coaches right off the bat is totally wrong and not the reason the show is lacking that excitement previous seasons has had. The coaches are there for one thing and that is to help the fighters get better every week and improve their skills. Sure things are better when trash talking are better but the focus isn't on the coaches it's on the fighter. They are there to build their talent and hopefully make their transition to the UFC an easy one. As the old saying goes; "you can lead the horse to the water but you can't make the horse drink it."

That's the main concern over this season that the fighters on the show aren't displaying that they want to be a part of an amazing chance to be in the major leagues of MMA. But with the desire not being there and just looking for that 15 minutes of fame is something that isn't going to help the sport or the show when it is aired. Even the previous TUF contestants have said a few things that they questioned the heart and desire of the current fighters.

Entering the show, getting onto it and spending 6 weeks without your family in a house with no TV, internet or even cell phone can be traumatizing and can feel like a jail cell at times. But to enter the show and then say you miss your family and or life out of the MMA community is a waste of a spot and leaving another fighter off the list that could win the ultimate prize. It's the frustration that not only sets in for Dana White and Co. but for the Spike TV executives as well trying to gain ratings as well as new viewers

With being a reality show things are always played up to be more than they should and this season so far nothing outside of training or inside for that matter has developed. Nothing can be grasped as to keeping the fans of the show glued every week. But that leads to back to the fighters who need to go after their opponent when their time comes to step into the cage.

Dana White even said in a previous interview that the fights early on were terrible and he was visibly upset when answering that question. Who can blame him? Even though some have had their opinions on the face of the UFC, he wants what others want and that is effort and productivity from the fighters who are there to impress.

Not every fight has to be a finish or a dramatic victory but getting fights that the fighters put everything on the line is something that hasn't been seen yet. Given it's only been 4 weeks but maybe the fighting into the house was something fans were hoping for. Both sides of the coin can be looked at that on that situation but the latter was the right choice.

Hopefully when the TUF show airs again in the next few weeks my feelings will change toward the show because it is a great premise and something that is very unique to reality television. With past seasons also taking the slow route in terms of fights and house "excitement" hopefully it turns around. I'm sure with the current crop of fighters in the house there will be some head turning and WOW moments soon enough but how much longer can fans wait?

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  • Agreed on the current TUF season. Just lacks excitement. I still haven't watched the last episode. Sitting there on my DVR.

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