Zuffa's MMA Domination

With Dana White constantly saying he wants the UFC to take over the world, that mission is one step closer.

The Zuffa Sports Company announced today that they have acquired the MMA branded company Strikeforce. Dana White sat down with Ariel Helwani and announced the acquisition for MMA Fighting, which the entire interview can be seen below.

The interview covers everything and anything that many fans have questions for such as how the companies will run and the fighters involved. This 20+ minute interview covers everything that comes across the MMA fan's mind and this deal is a great one for the MMA community

With this deal the fighters that White has been asking for is at his disposal as soon as the Showtime deal expires. But with the statement made plenty of times that he wants to go all over the world with MMA and his company he will need more fighters for the amount of events he wants to do per year. Strikeforce has many high MMA prospects and stars that the UFC can use in about 2 years to make match-ups that some thought would never happen. 

During that interview, White said the companies will run separate for now, and that both will discuss contracts separately when a fighter needs to either renew, or sign on with a company.This would keep the Zuffa company as the main owner of both companies while both keeping separate identities. But in 2 years what would be the next step?

Looking back at a similar deal when Zuffa bought the WEC. Earlier this year the fighters from the WEC as well as some of the employees all found a new home in the UFC and the WEC was officially closed. In 2 years with the Showtime contract officially expires with Strikeforce, the most likely scenario would be that the same situation would occur. Now 2 years is a long time off but I'm sure Dana White and the Zuffa Executives are already planning out the future steps.

Sure some die hard fans of the company are down but looking at the deal and hearing rumors about another company buying the Strikeforce assets, the MMA community needs to look at the positives more than the negatives.

Many have said already that Dana White and Zuffa are monopolizing the MMA sport and not having any clear cut competition. However, with the purchase that would lead to better fights and excellent match-ups you couldn't think could happen. The fans general consensus is they want wars in the cage and they want their 50 bucks going to a great PPV card. With the purchase it will make those PPV cards that much more profitable for both the fans and Zuffa.

I was surprised at first to hear about the deal as nothing was even heavily rumored about this possible business transaction. It took a lot of people by surprise and the general feedback as been positive. Zuffa wants to be known as the premier MMA business company and they took their number 2 business opponent and made it their own. With Bellator, now being the new number 2 and doing things different than both Strikeforce and UFC they could make interesting things happen in the next few years.

No matter the case  MMA continues to grow and good things are shaping up nicely for the sport that was called at one time "death fighting". But with the new rules implemented, testing done, and weight classes organized it gives new life to fighters fans and employees of mixed martial arts.

10 years ago Zuffa bought the UFC and quickly straightened out problems that made the company unprofitable. With Strikeforce now underneath the Zuffa banner it can only mean good things for everybody involved, for the business aspect and for fans across the world.

Global Domination?

Time will only tell...

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