The Voice Versus Wanderlei Silva


Nicknamed "The Axe Murderer" Wanderlei Silva has been known
throughout the MMA world as a proven legend. Michael Schiavello decided to take
his career one step further and invite him to The Voice Versus and Silva obliged.
In about 50 minutes Wanderlei covered everything and anything relating to the
Brazilian's MMA career.

I don't know if it's the way Schiavello asks the questions
or the setting where the interview is set, but over the last few episodes the
fighters seem to open up more than ever. Being in Las Vegas, where Silva calls
home the interview makes you give more respect to a guy who really cares for the

The main thing out of the episode was that Silva is a family man and puts them first. He mentioned that family is like a
championship belt to him and he doesn't get frustrated when things aren't going
his way and patience is what pushes him every day.

The great part of the interview is that The Voice breaks
down his early fights in Pride and what he thought about the transition coming over
from Pride to the UFC. It was a big challenge for him and his family but he got
acclimated and loves where he is at today.

Without giving any more away from the interview, Wanderlei possesses
the qualities to be a great ambassador of the sport. He opened up on every
angle of his life and never was hesitant to answer a question. With being in the
sport for 10 years I'm sure Silva had plenty more stories to tell. But with the
time constraints Schiavello really got the questions asked that made you learn a
lot more about who he is as a fighter and a person.

Many interviews that are done either on camera or on the phone are done to a business type feel. With The Voice Versus episodes it is totally different scenario where the fighter gets to open up with-out having that feel like they need to hold back. That is credit to Michael Schiavello who makes the interview feel like just two guys at a a bar having a drink and it makes the show that much more unique.

Below is the preview clip of the show and if you do have
HDNET make sure check it out tomorrow. It is another great episode of the series
and it shows what fighters are on the inside and outside of the cage.

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