The Problem With Bobby Lashley


After years in the wrestling ring Bobby Lashley was impressive winning championships and enticing feuds. Being the second wrestler to leave the WWE and enter the MMA scene he was looking to prove to a lot of people that he could make the cross over like his predecessor Brock Lesnar. His last two fights have been nothing but spectacular and the draw of Bobby Lashley is slowly fading.

The problem with Lashley isn't his attitude, but the way he keeps to his word that he will do better each and every fight. That word is not credible to the point where he is really making the community to believe he has what it takes to put himself in a star role he once had in the WWE.

Comparing sports entertainment to MMA is unfair and totally irresponsible. The two have different identities, but one thing they do have in common is drawing power.

The business side of both is that they want the biggest draw possible with the big name stars in order to fulfill ratings and produce a high gate. With the name like Bobby Lashley people know him from the WWE and immediately want to see how the transition is evolving. The last two fights he has had have been something that can be described as underachieving.

The cardiovascular portion of training is something that many fighters concentrate on during their camps and make it a point to make sure they have enough in the "tank" to finish 15 minutes of in-cage action without the thought of being tired. With Lashley that problem continues to be a catalyst to the future success of his career.

With the body mass he brings to a fight there always a question of will his cardio suffer throughout a fight? It was quite visible against his last opponent and former Bellator fighter John Ott.

Ott was a late replacement fighter for this fight as Lashley's original opponent had gone missing and refused to return phone calls. This should have been an advantage for Lashley who had a full training camp, had the reach and HUGE weight advantage. 

But Lashley seemed to punch himself early out of the fight and was noticeably tired in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Sure he picked up the win but the holes in his fight game were quite noticeable.  You can blame the muscular physique or him looking to finish the fight on why the cardio isn't there. It could be a problem for any fighter to keep the action going for 15 or 25 minutes. Whatever the case Lashley still believes the fans don't know who he is.

During the promo for his fight for Titan Fighting Championships Lashley said nobody knows who he is and what problems he had in his last fight against Chad Griggs. The problem with that statement is that the MMA fans and media only know about what is shown during fight nights, and unless a fight blog is produced not much is known on how the training camp is developed and used. One thing that everybody knows about his weakness and that is the pressure he can put on his opponent in a possible 3 round fight.

Until that improves I can't see him being a big threat to any heavyweight division. Some have said he needs to get rid of some mass and possible even drop down to light heavyweight. Whatever he decides to do the question remains in everybody's mind will he ever make the transition like Brock Lesnar did? Is that a fair comparison? Both Heavyweights in their respective companies but with Lesnar already making leaps to being a star, when will Lashley follow suit?

I know the MMA and even wrestling communities are watching and wanting to know if he will succeed or make the return to wrestling. His next fight could be the fork in the road, and to see if he has improved his overall fight preparation. If not and his cardio still lacks, he will just be another fighter to go through the ranks of having a lot of potential only for it to be wasted.

But like Lashley said, we don't know him so I guess the only person that can figure that out is him. Let's hope he figures it out before it's too late.

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