The Bat Is Back


No I'm not talking about the awful sequels to Tim Burton's
classic that included Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy, I'm talking about the UFC
fighter Kurt Pellegrino who enters the octagon after a brief hiatus at UFC 128.

After his fight against George Sotiropoulos, Pellegrino
suffered a torn meniscus as well as an ACL injury. Both were repaired in a few
weeks but Pellegrino has not fought since July 3rd. With the
unanimous loss Pellegrino decided to get 100 percent healthy before entering
the cage again and the time off it looks like the Batman is back for another

Yes Batman is his nickname if you ask and he gained that nickname
by wearing a shirt underneath his wrestling outfit, and labeled it lucky. Even his Martial Arts School Pellegrino MMA, has the logo of the bat.
With Bruce Wayne he had a certain business type attitude when he wasn't
catching criminals but with Pellegrino he is far from that.

Below is the one of the new "workouts" Pellegrino has put
together that has gained a mixture of positive, odd, and negative responses.
Warning this may not be safe for work.

As you can see Pellegrino loves to indulge in various
exercise activities, and always looking to enjoy his time away from training.
However, he might reject to that statement saying it was part of his daily

Whatever the case Pellegrino is one of the most popular
fighters due to putting a 100 percent effort in the cage and refusing to give up.
With Gleison Tibau in his sights this could be the make it or
break it for either fighter.

Both fighters are coming off a loss with
Tibau also losing a decision to Jim Miller back in September. Both fighters are
excellent on the ground with wrestling being their strong suit. The stand-ups
are both are going to be focused on and which fighter can secure that first
take down. With both fighters coming off of a loss both will be looking to get
back on that winning trail.

With Pellegrino the layoff may have not hurt
him as one many have thought, as the injuries he suffered could take up to a 6
month recovery period and then getting back into the training cycle. This fight
could be looked at as a new start for Pellegrino and if he gains that win
against Tibau, the city of Gotham will be well protected for a long time.

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