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The Problem With Bobby Lashley

After years in the wrestling ring Bobby Lashley was impressive winning championships and enticing feuds. Being the second wrestler to leave the WWE and enter the MMA scene he was looking to prove to a lot of people that he could make the cross over like his predecessor Brock Lesnar. His last two fights have... Read more »

The Voice Versus Wanderlei Silva

Nicknamed “The Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva has been known throughout the MMA world as a proven legend. Michael Schiavello decided to take his career one step further and invite him to The Voice Versus and Silva obliged. In about 50 minutes Wanderlei covered everything and anything relating to the Brazilian’s MMA career. I don’t know... Read more »

Inside Look at the MMA Wives Part 2

Yesterday two MMA wives let me into their world of what it is like for them to have their husband fighting inside the Octagon. Both Lani Carwin, and Renee Edgar talked about their days leading up to the fight and how they feel about their husband’s occupation. Today, Melissa Pellegrino and Nici Trigg were kind... Read more »

Inside Look at the MMA Wives Part 1

With all the work MMA fighters put through their day, it could take a toll on their body not only physically but mentally. The majority of MMA fans know that being a fighter is very tough and a challenge to step into the cage on any given night. But with the fighters, there is another... Read more »

Zuffa's MMA Domination

With Dana White constantly saying he wants the UFC to take over the world, that mission is one step closer. The Zuffa Sports Company announced today that they have acquired the MMA branded company Strikeforce. Dana White sat down with Ariel Helwani and announced the acquisition for MMA Fighting, which the entire interview can be... Read more »

The Bat Is Back

No I’m not talking about the awful sequels to Tim Burton’s classic that included Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy, I’m talking about the UFC fighter Kurt Pellegrino who enters the octagon after a brief hiatus at UFC 128. After his fight against George Sotiropoulos, Pellegrino suffered a torn meniscus as well as an ACL injury.... Read more »

Michael Bisping and His Emotions

Michael Bisping’s record of 21-3 is a impressive feat in any MMA orgazination and should be recognized as such, but the real underlying problem is how Bisping is making himself and and the UFC an insult to MMA. At UFC 127 Bisping was seen not only flicking off Jorge Rivera’s corner but after the fight... Read more »