Michael Bisping and His Emotions


Michael Bisping's record of 21-3 is a impressive feat in any MMA orgazination and should be recognized as such, but the real underlying problem is how Bisping is making himself and and the UFC an insult to MMA.

At UFC 127 Bisping was seen not only flicking off Jorge Rivera's corner but after the fight was finished he spit in the direction pf his corner-men. The fight turned dramatically after Bisping landed a blatant illegal knee, and looked like Rivera was very unstable throughout the rest of the fight. The problem with Bisping is that he continues to let his emotions get the best of him.

Bisping is known for his edgy attitude not letting anybody get in his way of what he wants to accomplish, and that is acceptable but the way he conducts himself is detrimental to the UFC. During the weigh-ins he used a gay slur that was audible from Dana White's video blog. (5:55 mark)

There was plenty of build up to this fight with both fighters taking jabs at each other through the internet in video blogs and twitter postings. Both took the insults to the extreme and it seemed like a great way to sell the fight and add more fuel to the fire. However, Bisping decided he wanted to take it one step further and let it be known he wouldn't be subjected to Rivera's taunting.

There is always something talked about between fighters just to get the fight out there and let people know they mildly hate each other. Many weigh-ins have had their problems due to the anger and frustration building, but Bisping seemed to  forget that he was crossing the line.
Talking is totally different than what actions he displayed on Sunday in Australia. First of all spitting in the direction of a cornerman or teammate of the opponent is childish and disrespectful. Yes things due get heated but what does spitting do? It no only makes the UFC get looked at as a company that control their fighters and makes that fighter be looked at as an a person who let's their anger get the best of them.

Josh Koscheck is currently the most hated by UFC fans and he doesn't mind that at all because he embraces that and it makes him work that much harder. He doesn't seem to mind the trash talking and let's his talent do the talking. But with Bisping, the breaking point for him is very easy one to get through.

Yes, Bisping is a well rounded fighter who has only 3 losses on his record but with this recent display of disrespect and anger issues, it seems he needs to step back and look at the whole picture. The apologies from him seem to be half-hearted, as he didn't regret what he did. That's the problem right there not knowing what happened was wrong, is something that Bisping needs to realize before it is too late.

There was many comparing the spitting incident to the Paul Daley sucker punch on Josh Koscheck. Both incidents were part of their anger getting the best of them after a fight but Daley could have hurt Koscheck while Bisping was displaying his displeasure for Rivera's corner.

Should Bisping be suspended or fined? Well with the medical suspensions yet to come in and an average of 3 to 4 months between fights for a fighter, it seems a fine would be more sensible. This would not only make him recognize what he did was wrong, but make his wallet a little lighter. A suspension could be handed out but what good would it do to send a message to future fighters that even think  about doing the actions that Bisping displayed?

Looking past this fight Bisping is a fast rising contender for the 185lb championship stringing 3 wins together. There has been talk of his next opponent being Chael Sonnen, that could take place in the later half of this summer. With Sonnen being known as the trash talker he is will Bisping take the same path he did with Rivera and let his emotions take over?  For the sake of his fighting career and a representative of the sport of MMA hopefully whoever his next fight is against, he lets his anger out inside the 5 minute rounds.

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