The New UFC.TV

With so many fans using their computers to watch TV online the UFC
has stepped up their broadcasts for those that choose to watch the events
online.  Below is a screen-shot of the new
streaming options and what new features are new to


Partnering with NeuLion, Inc. the UFC is given their fan base a plethora
of options such as different camera angles, options to seek through the fight
to big moments (takedown, flurry, submission attempt). Currently there is a
demo on the website you can try that has the Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar
fight. Only the first round is available to demo but it is a great preview on
what you can look forward to when you purchase a PPV event.


Another interesting feature is the 4 audio options that can be
changed at anytime. The corners of each fighter are something that many people
don't get to hear especially the TV broadcast while the fight is going on. Everything you hear from advice, to the excitement is picked up by the microphones and makes the broadcast that much more unique.. The corners
are very vocal and bring you closer to the fight than ever before.

Dana White had this to say about the new streaming options.

"Fans are always asking for more ways to get closer to the action
and NeuLion's capabilities allow us to deliver," With this technology, fans
have ultimate access during our events and can control camera views, audio and
score the bouts along with other fans."

With the new technology this can only bring that many fans wanting
to order the PPV's online and bringing them much closer to the action. Many
have said over UFC 126 that the stream was very sporadic and the quality
suffered greatly. I'm sure those were just 1st time glitches and
hopefully for UFC 127 any problems that occurred, will be fixed.

The UFC continues to make their presence felt on being the first
to introduce unique ways to see PPV's. I'm sure there are other ways to
broadcast streams but right now the UFC is taking advantage of what is
available and letting their fans be the first to test out the new ideas.

The UFC always takes opinions from fans to heart and I'm sure many were asking about the lack of concentration of the website feeds. With this new redesign it seems the company continues supporting the people that keep the business running and that is the fans.

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