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Equal Fights for Woman in MMA

Woman in MMA has been flourishing lately with likes of Miesha Tate, Cyborg, and Gina Carano all making their names well known across the community. However, with the UFC declining to allow woman fighters in their company local fighter Felice Herrig decided to take action. Felice Herrig who is a local Chicago fighter decided to... Read more »

UFC 127: Chris Camozzi Interview

Coming off a win against Dong Yi Yang, Chris Camozzi looks to increase that win total in Australia at UFC 127. Camozzi takes on fellow TUF contestant Kyle Noke who also has a winning streak under his belt. Noke the Australian native is most likely favored by the crowd but this fight can go either... Read more »

Strikeforce Grand Prix: Quarterfinals

Associated Press This past weekend Strikeforce started off their Heavyweight Tournament with two eye opening quarterfinal fights. Two of the famous Russian’s in MMA came away with a loss, and the thought of many that retirement is in their immediate future. The most important thing that happened on Saturday was that Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Sergei... Read more »

Dana White: The Promoter

This was the tweet of Dana White after Fedor Eliminako’s loss to Antonio Silva. The fans of not only Fedor, but of the MMA community went ramped on Dana’s twitter account insulting him and calling him a disgrace to the sport. But, the question is was Dana really insulting Fedor, or was he just pleased... Read more »

Kim Winslow A Huge Risk In The Cage

One of the few female referees across the country Kim Winslow is living her dream, but one day that dream can turn into a terrifying reality. The cage can be a great career for many people but when the officiating job hits crucial times, female referees are at risk. Before anybody jumps on me for... Read more »

UFC 126: 3 UP 3 DOWN

UFC 126: 3 UP 3 DOWN
James Law/ After every UFC event I will post 3 fighters that are on the rise or continue to rise in the UFC and 3 that are slowly declining or in trouble of losing their roster spot. UFC 126 was a great event and 6 fighters stood out.3 UP Anderson Silva: If he isn’t the... Read more »

The New UFC.TV

With so many fans using their computers to watch TV online the UFC has stepped up their broadcasts for those that choose to watch the events online.  Below is a screen-shot of the new streaming options and what new features are new to Partnering with NeuLion, Inc. the UFC is given their fan base... Read more »

Charles 'Mask' Lewis

After being found guilty one felony count of vehicular manslaughter by unlawful act with gross negligence while intoxicated on December 9th of 2010 sentencing was passed down today for Jeffrey David Kirby. Kirby received 9 years in the death of Charles “Mask” Lewis due to the consumption of alcohol and killing of the former TapouT... Read more »