Equal Fights for Woman in MMA


Woman in MMA has been flourishing lately with likes of Miesha Tate, Cyborg, and Gina Carano all making their names well known across the community. However, with the UFC declining to allow woman fighters in their company local fighter Felice Herrig decided to take action.

Felice Herrig who is a local Chicago fighter decided to make a movement toward getting the same recognizably of woman fighters as do the men of the sport gain. She has created a facebook orgazination entitled "Equal Fights MMA" and the page currently has 280 people already following. This the following quote from the page regarding what the movement is all about.

"Equal Fights MMA is dedicated to raising the profile of female MMA fighters and championing equal rights and equal fights for all fighters, regardless of gender. We believe that women should be able to fight professionally in any venue and any organization."

This is just another step towards getting woman in every MMA orgazination and ignoring their gender. The UFC has been hesitant to let woman into their orgazination and Dana White echoed that statement in January.

With so many woman fighters embracing the MMA sport there should be a equal amount of possibilities for them to fight along with the me. Women aren't going away anytime soon from the sport and some of them fight as or much harder than some of the men.

With the company Fight Chix gaining a nomination last year at the MMA Awards for best MMA Lifestyle Brand the strength of females continues to grow. The company is geared towards all female fighters and just celebrated their 5th anniversary this past week and continue to sponsor many female fighters.

Yes, some may say that they don't want to see woman get hurt or get punched but these individuals care for the sport and have confidence in themselves. They want to enjoy the sport as any male that participates and should be equally allowed to find a organization to take them.

Maybe UFC is balking at the idea or thinks that they have too many divisions already but whatever the case, woman are slowly pushing through that blockade that has existed for many years.  Felice Herrig is putting the extra work and time to show that woman do belong next to men in the cage. It's just a matter of time before the light at the end of the tunnel is met and woman can finally be looked at as MMA fighters.

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