UFC 125: Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard

UFC 125: Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard


At the main event at UFC 125 was there a clear winner for the UFC Lightweight Championship?

Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard went toe to toe for 5 rounds and there
was a lot of discussion on who really won that fight. Some had said
Maynard had a 10-8 first round and that should have solidified his win,
yet others said Frankie won the last 4 rounds. No matter the case, the
fight ended in a draw and the correct decision.

A draw looked at by fans can be the ultimate downer but with this fight
going back and forth through five rounds with a no clear cut winner what
other choice do the judges have? It was a tough decision no matter the
case but after watching the fight multiple times a draw was in the best
interest from the judges as no clear cut winner was noticeable.

There were so called advantages for both such as Frankie Edgar taking
over the stand-up and Maynard dominating on the ground yet those didn't
come into play during the fight. It was an all out technical war with
both fighters gaining advantages throughout but when the final horn the
decision was in the hands of the judges.

There has been a lot of scrutiny of the judging recently but with this
decision it can't come as a total shock to anybody. The fight was a
grueling one for both combatants and in the eyes of the judges; neither
fighter could gain that clear advantage. The positive that came out of
this fight with no winner is that both will get a second chance at
facing each other again.

During the post fight press conference the UFC announced that Anthony
Pettis would get the next opportunity at the belt. However, Dana White
quickly nixed that idea and said a rematch would be next in place and
Pettis would have to wait. The rematch is the best possible situation as
both fighters have something to finish and that fight could come early
as UFC 128 in Edgar's home state of New Jersey.

The only foreseen problem is Anthony Pettis waiting in the wings to take
on the winner to unify his WEC belt with the UFC Lightweight
Championship. He was suppose to face the winner of this very fight and
now with the rematch in place Pettis could be waiting till possibly late
summer to get his shot.

His trainer Duke Roufus said he was disappointed as I am sure Pettis is
but Dana White did do the right thing for the Maynard and Edgar. With
the news of holding the fight off could open the door for Pettis to
train with Bellator Champion Ben Askren and really develop his skills in
wrestling. Askren's background in wrestling, that he was a former NCCA
Division 1 Wrestling Champion and also participated in the 2008
Olympics. Wrestling isn't a strong point for Pettis and with Edgar and
Maynard both being strong wrestlers this could really help him when the
fight does indeed happen.

Below is the announcement from MMA Fighting in where Dana White talks
about the immediate rematch and how he didn't think about it before he
made a decision.

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