Brock Lesnar the face of TUF 13

Brock Lesnar the face of TUF 13

With every previous Ultimate Fighter there was some kind Wow moment that happened throughout the show. It could have been Chris Leben tearing down a door and going ballistic on his housemates, or Tito and Shamrock staring each other down in Season 3. There were plenty of moments in the past but this upcoming season can change all that.

With the recent announcement of Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos as coaches to the show, it very well could be the highest rated season of all time. Below are the ratings that each season gathered.

Season 1:  2,004,000

Season 2: 1,901,000

Season 3: 2,235,000

Season 4: 1,670,000

Season 5: 1,844,000

Season 6: 1,653,000

Season 7: 1,564,000

Season 8: 1,661,000

Season 9: 1,710,000

Season 10: 3,388,000

Season 11: 1,963,000

Season 12: 1,970,000

As you can see the numbers varied throughout each season and expectations are that this season could be the biggest ever. With two of the biggest Heavyweight roster members in the mix and with both totally different attitudes this season could top all the rest . It was a big surprise to many that Junior Dos Santos and Brock Lesnar were picked as the coaches as Brock doesn't like to see himself in the spotlight.

One of the big selling points for possibly Brock bringing brought on was the possibility of sporting his brand Death Clutch throughout the taping. With Death Clutch not being well known throughout the MMA community it could be a great marketing idea for Lesnar to gain more consumers for his brand.

With all the wrestling talk out of the window, Brock can focus solely on training for his fight against JDS without the distractions of Vince McMahon possibly calling him every day to gain an easy payday for about 30 minutes of work. With him accepting the job as a TUF coach it really solidifies that he wants to continue MMA despite his last fight against Cain Velasquez.
There was a lot of speculation on whether Dos Santos could speak English. Below is a video from MMA Weekly talking to him about UFC 121.

Yes his first language isn't English but the video shows that he can speak well enough to interact with the new house members and can also lean on his coaches if need be. The language barrier is something that was never a factor in the eyes of The UFC and the producers from Spike TV.

The winner of the fight between the two would be in line for a Championship fight against Velasquez in July. Both men have their strengths and weaknesses and with 6 weeks of tapings in Las Vegas we will see how their skills get passed down to the new crop of future UFC fighters.

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