UFC Music: Stemm "Face The Pain"

The UFC has come a long way since Zuffa took over the ownership in 2001. There have been many fighters that have come and gone and many championships lost and won. The one constant that has been heard in each UFC event is the theme song starting in 2002.

The theme song entitled "Face The Pain" was developed and preformed by the group Stemm. Hailing from Niagra Falls, New York the 4 piece band was a big following from groove metal fans, but MMA fans slowly picked up the pace.

Band member Joe Cafarella was kind enough to take some time to talk with me about the UFC welcoming his bands song into the organization and what it meant to them.

How did the relationship start with the UFC and your band?

We started working with the UFC over 7 years ago through another friend who plays in a band that is friends with one of the music producers of the UFC. They were looking for aggressive independent music for their programming and we thought we would be a great fit. Our friend sent in a STEMM package and the rest is history!

What was the process of "Face The Pain" being the theme song of the UFC like?

After a few months of the UFC using some of our material in their TV shows, we received a call from Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta themselves asking if we had any new material available. They wanted to use a brand new song to set the stage for the upcoming UFC 40 fight between Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz. Dana said he wanted aggressive lyrics pertained to fighting and was giving us the 1st opportunity out of anyone for a song submission.

So we demoed a few tracks the next day, sent the songs in and by the end of the week, the UFC sent their producers to Buffalo, NY to record Face the Pain. With 6 weeks going since the recording session, "Face the Pain" aired as the opening song for UFC 40 for the 1st time ever. After a few months we received a call from the UFC producers telling us that Face the Pain has become the official theme song for the UFC.

How has the UFC helped your group get your music out other fans?

It has been a great run with everyone over at the UFC. They have helped STEMM reach a massive listening fan base thanks to their support of STEMM and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Stemm is a big supporter of the UFC and can be contacted at the following links.

Official Website

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