Frank Shamrock Anti-Bullying?

Frank Shamrock Anti-Bullying?

With bullying be a big focus of today's world Frank Shamrock has decided to take a stand against it as well. Below is what he had to say about bullying.

It is a great campaign for the Stand Together organization and really focuses on standing up against bullies. However, former training partner of Frank Shamrock, Mike Swick had some interesting words to say about this subject.

Swick had said on his twitter and his facebook that Shamrock was a huge bully in his time at the gym, making others be put to sleep long after they tapped out, along with making videos of other fighters. Swick directed his facebook friends to the following video about Phil Baroni.

There may be a bigger issue between the two than just the bullying issue. Swick made a valid point that Shamrock maybe should do a video apologizing to the ones he did bully at one time and then move forward with his anti-bullying campaign.

Shamrock did apologize to Mike on twitter and said "Mike Swick calling me a bully is lame. I used to whoop his butt for sure cuzz he wanted to be a champ. Always respect and love 4 him."

"Sorry Mike if I hurt your feelings. I was making you a man and a champion, as you requested. Please stand up together."

Shamrock then proceeded to tell Swick that he would be in San Jose and they can talk face to face. Nothing evolved of that and there is still obvious tension between the two. Whatever the case bullying is the focus and with it rising each and every day hopefully more and more individuals pledge their campaign for it to stop once and for all.

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