MMA Halloween Costumes

MMA Halloween Costumes

With Halloween only 2 days away, many people already have their costumes ready to go or some are still scrambling for something to [put together. If you are a fan of MMA, this blog will help you decide on a last minute costume idea if you want to be your favorite MMA fighter.

Ben Askren

If you are looking to be the former Division 1 wrestler you need a few things before you can say you're the newest Welterweight Championship.


With his trademark brown afro, Ben Askren is known for his wildly controllable hair and the chip on his shoulder he carries. The wrestling singlet is also a big part of the costume (even though he doesn't wear it in the cage) as he carried an 87 match winning streak in college. Finally, the Bellator logo should be recognizable somewhere on the costume in terms of a hat or shirt to really let others know where the Welterweight Championship is employed.

George St Pierre


Also known as GPS the French-Canadian wrestler is the current Welterweight Championship and putting his costume together should be very achievable. Above is the main part of the costumes but there is a few other things to keep in mind when putting this costume together. For added flavor you could get a headband with the Chinese symbols running across the top, or  in terms of the voice, Josh Kosheck would recommend talking and move your arms back in forth like a robot to get the full effect down.

Brock Lesnar

Not many have the body requirements of the former Heavyweight Champion but you could still pull of the costume calling yourself Brock Jr or something along those lines.


The use of body paint could be the best way to achieve the sword across your chest and making it more noticeable as being the "Next Big Thing". For your hair a simple blond dye would do with a little spike in the front to get the 'wave' style down. A Death Clutch t-shirt or shorts would do the trick as well as the UFC gloves to make the costume complete. And no I don't recommend trying to seek revenge on your friends for his loss at UFC 121.

Chuck Liddell


The "Iceman" is still a big part of the UFC and his costume can really make some turn their heads. With the famous Mohawk and goatee the Liddell outfit can really be one to win a few costume contests. The Mohawk may take some time to get perfect but shouldn't be too difficult. With the Iceman shorts will be a great addition but I'm sure any blue shorts would be passable.

So Halloween can be a good time for all that are involved but dressing up as an MMA personality can really make you enjoy the holiday and continue your passion for the sport. There are plenty of others out there that can make a great costume but these 4 are sure to make you the talk of the party.

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