Good4UDrinks Banned By Zuffa

With the recent popularity of Good4UDrinks many fighters were joining up with the company regarding sponsorships. Chris Camozzi, Shane Carwin, Patrick Cote and many others enjoy the drinks and were looking forward to start or continue their sponsorship with the company.

However today, Zuffa decided that Good4UDrinks was not allowed to sponsor any UFC fighters, including the 4 fighters on the UFC 121 card. Zuffa believes that this product is taking away from their Xenergy product shares and the ban would help increase their sales.

Co-President of the company Rick DeBanks decided to release a statement of the recent ban on his website. An excerpt of his statement is below.

GOOD4U Drinks is seen by Zuffa as a direct competitor to Xenergy (which is owned by Zuffa) and AMP Energy which advertises heavily on both WEC events and Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter program and although GOOD4U are Sport Drinks NOT ENERGY DRINKS, they have been taking share from these brands.

This is disappointing to me personally as I am a fan of the UFC and enjoyed our association with some of the great fights and fighters we have seen.

Rick also felt it was fitting to talk with me in the MMA Disputed Interview Lounge and discuss more of the details of the ban and what other partnerships that could develop in the future.

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