From the Fields to the Garden: The Life of Stitch Duran

Who doesn't know the man nicknamed Stitch?

Jacob Duran who is more known as Stitch to everybody in the MMA world, has been well known for many years in the MMA community for wrapping hands, preparing, and taking care of fighters between rounds. Throughout the years Stitch has had gone through numerous fighters and many stories were gathered in the locker room as well as in the octagon.
After gathering so many of those stories Stitch decided to put his stories on paper and that became the idea of his new book that went in sale this past Tuesday.

The title of the book is called "From the Fields to the Garden: The Life of Stitch Duran".  The author Zac Robinson has talked with Stitch for countless hours on picking his brain for the most intense, to the calmest interactions with fighters and others. Stitch has gone through many times of his life and what he has seen or gone through so far in his career.

The book can currently be bought at Amazon and Black Mesa Publishing and the cost is very minimal for what you are receiving. Stitch is a down to earth person who devotes his time everyday to talking to his fans and helping in any way possible.

His book is just another positive reason why Stitch is a great representative of the sport and reading his stories will certainly blow you away. The life and career of Stitch is in this book and after reading it you will gain a whole new respect and sense of who Stitch really is and what he does for the MMA community.

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