EA Sports MMA

Since the huge rising popularity of UFC Undisputed 2009 and 2010, the EA Sports company has decided to jump into the MMA gaming genre. Their first title "EA Sports MMA" makes it debut to consumers October 19th and is developing into a fine addition to any MMA fan and gamer.

Going away from the normal joystick moves that UFC gamers are use to, using the buttons is a big part of the gaming engine. Button mashing as many players thought would be hinder in game fights is nonexistence and if the player tries to do that they will most likely suffer from damage to their fighter and most likely a loss. The engine has been worked on with great developers and implementing similar moves from the Fight Night series. 

The other big focus of the game is having 4 big companies represented in the game including Strikeforce, Mystic, Liga De Combate, and United Fighters League. Fans across the globe can play with their favorite fighter from any company and is a positive in the eyes of consumers.

Noticeable fighters that players can use throughout the game are Randy Couture, Fedor Emelianenko, Frank Trigg, Jason Miller and plenty more. This game r has the details of the fighters down, from the body features to the entrances into the octagon.

Below are a few videos for the game as well as some major parts that could quite possibly bring in sales comparable to the UFC gaming franchise. 

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