Paul Daley More Risk Than Reward?

Paul "Semtex" Daley is a hard person to comprehend

Daley a former UFC fighter, who was released from the company after UFC 113, took on Jorge Masival at Shark 13. On Saturday night Daley did pick up the win with a unanimous decision but what he said after his fight made fans really think who he is not only as a fighter but also as a person.

"This is my first fight back in America. You can tell all the fans love me with all the booing. There's a difference between me and them, I'm getting paid a hell of a lot more than them. Your tickets pay my wages"

Now this is the same guy who was kicked out of The UFC for sucker punching Josh Koscheck in the face after the fight was over. That fight against Koscheck, was for the number one contender spot for the Welterweight Championship and it left a bad taste in the mouth for MMA fans and UFC officials.

Daley was far from dominant on Saturday with his victory and that's not including him not making weight for the fight. Daley is known for his harsh words to his opponents but when you start attacking the MMA crowd he is looking to gain plenty more enemies than friends.
It seems that Daley wants to play the heel role with the crowd and obviously is looking for a paycheck more than developing a fan base. Maybe if Daley respected the sport a little bit more and tried not filling his ego meter he would be more of a better representative of the sport.

I am not going to take anything away from his skill set as he is a great wrestler and has some quick hands but with the comments he makes and his actions over the last few months make him more of a risk than an asset.

Daley may have all the talent in the world yet his attitude is far from complimentary. He wants us all to believe he is the best (which he could be) but if any organization wants to sign him to a multi-fight contract his appearance needs to change.

Any company that looks into signing "The Semtex" (which Strikeforce has been rumored) but with that kind of attitude and the cheap shot incident I'm sure some are hesitant. Dana White was in every right to cut him yet many want him back in The UFC. There is a petition going around the internet pushing for Dana White and other UFC brass to let him back in the company with the exact signatures not being posted public.

Whatever happens with Daley I'm sure there has to be change in the way he presents himself and how he represents a company. Too many times recently it seems that the Semtex moniker is being used after his fights instead of during them.

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