Matt Mitrione Giving His Manager The Hook On Live TV

This past weekend Matt Mitrione faced off against Joey Beltran on Spike TV leading up to UFC 119. Mitrione defeated Beltran with a unanimous decision and it was his 3rd straight victory inside the octagon.

The interesting part was when Joe Rogan interviewed Mitrione and Mitrione at the end of the interview stated "Malki you're fired!". Many wondered what he was talking about or was it just a joke that Matt was throwing out to somebody.

After his fight Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting interviewed Mitrione again and below the man nicknamed "Meathead" explained himself on what exactly he was talking about (3:05 mark).

There is always two sides to a story and I'm sure now his former agent Malki Kawa will state his side. But the real question is was this the proper way to handle the business side of things on live TV?

Mitrione said that he agent did not earn him enough money for sponsorship and that he told his wife to mind her own business when talking about the financial issues.

Whatever the case is it seemed kind of insulting toward the management company and the agent himself to fire him on live TV. Where these the "voices" making Mitrione do this or was it something that couldn't be handled away from the TV cameras and audience watching?

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