Cro Crop Will Fight At UFC 119

Could the bout between Frank Mir and Mirko Cro Crop at UFC 119 be in jeopardy?

Earlier today a Croatian news site published a short story on Cro Crop saying he obtained an eye injury and was undecided if the injury would force him to pull out of the fight. Originally Frank Mir was supposed to fight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira until an injury forced him out the fight and Cro Crop was named the replacement.

The internet ran wild with the story that it said he was pulling out of the fight and Frank Mir would be left without an opponent only 6 days before the card took place in Indianapolis, Indiana. However fellow UFC fighter Pat Barry (who was defeated by Cro Crop at UFC 115)  went to twitter and posted this on his twitter account.


Also Dana White posted this as well to clear up any rumors.


Finally Frank Mir's wife Jennifer posted this on her twitter account to confirm the rumor was only half true.


She also added that Frank did get a call earlier today regarding Cro Crop and that he did indeed suffer an injury but it wasn't something that would make him pull out of the fight. It was also confirmed by her as well it was an apparent eye injury that he suffered during training.

Rumors start plenty of ways and with a few words misconstrued, made the MMA community throw up their arms and immediately flooding their twitter accounts that Mir was without an opponent. Sure rumors run almost every single day but this one somehow gained momentum. This rumor was only half true that Cro Crop did suffer an injury but there was no substantial evidence from his camp that he was pulling out of the fight.

Many MMA websites ran with the story saying he was out of the fight without any words from Cro Crop himself or anybody close to his camp that the injury was too serious to risk in a fight. Rumors being posted on websites nowadays are taken as a truth and people spread it to their socializing networks believing that it fact.

It not only hurts the credibility of websites but to the fighters involved in the rumor. Rumors should only be taken as that until word is heard from the fighter themselves that can dismiss or acknowledge the rumor is indeed true.

The interesting situation now is how bad will this eye injury affect Cro Crop in his fight against Mir? These are two heavyweights looking to get back in that title contention spot and this is the designated Main Event at UFC 119. Injuries happen every day in the sport of MMA and hopefully Cro Crop can heal in the next 6 days well enough to take on Frank Mir. Mir is looking to relinquish the title he held for almost 7 months when he ultimately dropped the title to the current Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.

With the rumors cleared out of the way and UFC 119 a little more than a week away the fighters can prepare themselves before they step in the octagon.

Or another rumor can develop tomorrow and it could be another swarm of tweets, and facebook posts hitting the world instantly with many not knowing what to believe.

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