UFC 123 Coming To Chicago? (Updated)

This is an update to the story that ran yesterday regarding The UFC coming to Chicago. Thanks to reader Stephen who informed me that the circus makes their stop to the United Center November 27th which would make the event not possible.

this is indeed true we could possibly see the orgazination head to St.
Louis. This doesn't mean The UFC isn't looking to return to the Windy
City, just looks more feasible in early 2011 in terms of scheduling.

United Center owners or event managers haven't said anything in
regarding the event and have been quiet silent when the question is

However the Allstate Arena could be another location that
would work for the event to take place.The prospective date is currently
open for it to be held and be a hands down sellout.

UFC 125
could be another possible event that could take place in Chicago as it
would take place in January of 2011. Dana White has publicly stated that
the company would return in late 2010 early 2011 and Chicago is on his

There are many scenarios that could take place in the next
few months and I'm sure The UFC will announce something in the near
future. Whatever the case may be I'm sure the MMA fans in Chicago as
well as the surrounding cities just want their share of MMA fights. If
it's the United Center or the Allstate Arena, I'm sure the local fans
will be elated for The UFC being back  in the Windy City after a 2 year


They host the Chicago Bulls, the Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks and numerous concerts and events. Now the United Center could be very possibly hosting UFC 123.

There have been numerous sources confirming of highly regarded talks with the event planners of the United Center and UFC officials regarding the hosting of UFC 123  This would be the first UFC event in Illinois since UFC 90 that took place at the Allstate Arena. That event featured Anderson Silva versus Patrick Cote for the Middleweight Championship. This location could be a better fit for The UFC as capacity is about seven thousand more than it's predecessor.

The United Center can hold up to 23,000 people (for concerts) and I'm sure it would be the same for The UFC coming to town. The United Center has hosted WCW PPV's back in the early 90's and the dimensions wouldn't be that much different from placing an octagon in the middle of the arena.

The rumored fights for UFC 123 are very scattered right now but from what that has been almost sent in stone are Rampage Jackson versus Lyoto Machida and Jon Jones versus Forrest Griffin.  The Main Event is likely to be Jackson versus Machida with both coming off losses in their last bouts.

November 20th is the rumored date but with the rumored Germany card taking place November 13th doesn't seem likely the company would book a card only 7 days later. UFC 123 was also rumored to be taking place in 2 locations with St. Louis being included along with Chicago with Chicago likely getting the nod.

With the rumors still running rampant, MMA Disputed hopes to receive more reliable information from United Center and UFC sources. There has been a lot of outcry to The UFC about them coming back to Chicago after UFC 90. Hopefully Chicagoans get their wish come November.


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  • I have to disagree with your point about the UFC not wanting to do shows on back to back weekends. Earlier this month UFC on Versus 2 was on August 1st, followed by UFC 117 6 days later. They have done this on a few occasions that I can recall with fight nights and TUF finales.

    Now you would have a point if it was going to be back to back pay per view events. But that Germany card will be run free on Spike here in the US. http://mmajunkie.com/news/20149/spike-tv-to-air-ufc-122-via-same-day-delay-from-germany.mma Therefore, it is likely that they could avoid the circus and have this fight on the 20th just as it is rumored.

    The reports that I have read such as this one: http://www.mmabay.co.uk/2010/08/09/ufc-123-%E2%80%93-%E2%80%9Crampage%E2%80%9D-jackson-vs-lyoto-machida-likely-for-chicago-illinois-on-november-20th/

    state that there is an obscure rule about announcing a fight too far in advance. Whether this is true remains to be seen but I certainly have my fingers crossed!

  • In reply to MKlotz32:

    Mike excellent points. But the circus is already booked for the United Center as tickets can already be purchased for the November 20th date.

    Also Allstate Arena is booked for November 20th as there is a Chicago Wolves game.

    I hope to talk to Marc Ratner next week regarding this and hopefully I can get some news on this.

    Fingers are crossed here as well.

  • In reply to MKlotz32:

    damn this circus... long Bulls road trips and screwing with landing Rampage v Machida. I'll be looking for any news, thanks man.

  • In reply to MKlotz32:


    this is me making a sad face

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