Trash Talking Is Finally Put Aside

Tomorrow the smack talk, the insults, and the rude remarks will all be put aside for the exchange of blows in the octagon.

Chael  Sonnen has gone for almost a month straight now insulting Anderson Silva and letting him know that he can take his insult book and expand it. Chael has gone after everybody and anybody including saying that Lance Armstrong gave himself cancer (he later said he didn't comment about Armstrong). Sonnen, has got outside of the so called boundaries of trash talking to the point where it has gotten tired and stale.

Sure, every fighter likes to throw words back and forth with their opponent but when it comes time to focus on the task at hand they turn the insult machine down or completely off. Yet, Sonnen keeps poking at Silva who has in all instances ignored every insult. Silva has looked over the insults and the trash talking and is ready to just fight.

A fight is the ultimate finale, and if the fighter continues to trash talk he makes himself look unprepared, and if he does lose there is more backlash after the defeat. Sonnen continues to look at himself as the better fighter and the first real challenger to the championship.

The writing on the wall is simple for Sonnen and this will not be a walk in the park for him to just capture the belt and be on his way. Silva has gone through the likes of Rich Franklin, Forrest Griffin, and Demian Maia just to name a few. Silva has held this belt since 2007 and his last loss was 4 years ago at The Rumble of The Rock. The track record speaks for itself and Sonnen may have spoken more than he should have and that could lead to something he isn't looking forward to.

Sonnen has had a great career in The UFC as well winning 3 straight wins. Yet those 3 wins all came down to a decision with Sonnen not showing anything that he is up to the talent of Silva. He may have won the trash talking battle and could have been on a past episode of Yo Momma but will the skills he has are they capable of defeating Silva?

UFC 117 is set up for a big event with everything coming down to this fight and every other one getting pushed aside due to the insults. Sonnen and Silva will be set for a 5 round fight and when it's all said and done and the bell is rung all trash talk is all for not. What talks then is the pure talent they possess and if the focus is still on trash talking that can lead to unhappy results for either fighter. Sonnen versus Silva can be a history in the making fight and if both fighters are focused then the fans are in for a Championship bout that nobody is expecting.

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