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UFC 118 in Boston is only 5 days away and the battle between Randy Couture and James Toney will finally come to a conclusion. Toney has been vocally negative towards Couture and Couture has mostly ignored the comments and deciding just to focus on training. Either way the fight will be a interesting one.

Fellow fighters and celebrities have thrown in their opinions on who will win the fight and who they think will capture the victory in Bean Town. Who takes the UFC Hall of Famer or the self claimed toughest boxer and trash talker known to date?

Phil Davis

Prediction: Couture by Decision

"It would be great for a guy like James Toney to build a name for himself in MMA but I'm going to have to go with Couture because of the cage experience that he has. It should be an entertaining fight. I feel like it could go the distance. I'm going to say it will go three rounds and Couture will win 29-28."

Chad Mendes

Prediction: Couture by TKO

"Randy Couture will win this fight. I think he'll win by first-round TKO."

Rashad Evans

"(Toney's) inside fighting capabilities could serve him well given Randy Couture's clinch game. Look at the Frank Mir and Shane Carwin fight - most of the damage was done to Frank Mir against the cage. But if you get a guy like James Toney who knows how to strike off the cage, and who makes a living with inside fighting ... I think that could lend some promise to James Toney. It could be a short night if a guy like James Toney lands one of those shots on the inside. He's definitely the best true boxer out there in the UFC."

Carlos Condit

Prediction: Couture

"Wrestling will be the dominant force in this fight, regardless of how well James Toney can punch or how hard he can hit. He won't be able to set up his shots like he would in boxing, and Randy Couture is the kind of fighter to capitalise on every little mistake he makes. Randy has made a whole career out of overcoming opponents with tactics and strategies, and Toney will probably be his easiest puzzle yet. We all know Toney has only his punching to fall back on, so Randy won't have to work too hard to grab a hold of him and get him in his domain. Couture's too experienced and too good at what he does."

Joseph Benavidez

Prediction: Couture by TKO

"James Toney is just a boxer and MMA is a whole different sport. Your skills go down in boxing when you're worried about being taken down. I don't think someone can come in with just one background and fight a world-class MMA fighter."

Patrick Cote

Prediction: Couture

"If Randy underestimates his boxing skills it would be a big mistake. But how is James Toney going to react to wearing 4-ounce gloves because he's used to the bigger gloves in boxing? He has some skills and he has punching power, but in MMA you have to be well-rounded so I think Randy will be too much for him."

Jeff Mayweather

"I think it should be interesting. Toney has the advantage in a stand up match, but if he gets taken down Couture should win because he has way too much experience. I heard Toney was working with a top grappler and doing real well but I don't think you can take a crash course in something like that and perfect it. And vice versa, there's no way Couture could become a great boxer overnight, so I think a lot will be determined after the very first blow. I will be watching it for sure and I'm pulling for James Toney because I know him personally, not because he's a boxer. These are two different sports and I think that they both have their own fanbase, but the two of them combined will make this a huge event."

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