Shane Carwin A Champion At Heart

"Losing is what happens on the way to winning. I will be back and better from the lessons learned in this fight."

That quote is from Shane Carwin only a few hours after his fight against Brock Lesnar.  It was a bittersweet moment for his time in the octagon as he pushed Lesnar to the brink of a loss with a near TKO victory in the 1st round. However, that was not the case with Lesnar surviving and ultimately gaining a submission victory with a triangle choke in the 2nd round to capture the Unified Heavyweight Championship.

Many Carwin fans have expressed anger with referee Josh Rosenthal who thought he should have called the fight due to the strikes. However when Lesnar was told by Rosenthal to legitimately defend himself he did and the punches either weren't connecting or the force was decreasing after every one thrown.  Dana White, Brock Lesnar, and Shane Carwin all said Rosenthal did a great job in the octagon and under the circumstances the fight was under, it was called near perfection.

Shane Carwin may have lost to Brock Lesnar but his loss doesn't affect his MMA career in the future or what he has done for the MMA sport up to the present.  People tend to forget that it was his first loss in his MMA career and it's not something to heavily focus on.
Yes,  Shane Carwin had the best chance in the first round but with his body locking up in what his doctors called "Lactic Acidosis" which is described below it was something that was painful and unrecoverable.

"Lactic acidosis is when lactic acid builds ups in the blood stream faster than it can be removed. Lactic acid is produced when oxygen levels in the body drop."

With that being said Carwin didn't have a choice but to go out the second round even though he knew his body was locking up on him and didn't have anything left. Looking past the loss is what Carwin fans and MMA Fans should do and revisit the first round.

This was the first time in his 6 career fights Brock Lesnar looked timid against an opponent. Carwin had him pinned against the cage threw plenty of knees and punches and at one time looked like he had Lesnar seriously hurt. That is something that wasn't visible at all against any other opponents he had faced and looked out of sorts with what Carwin was delivering. That is something Carwin will certainly build off of for his possible future rematch Lesnar and finish the fight the way he wanted to.

So to all the Carwin fans don't lose faith in him because he is still an excellent fighter with a minor setback. I'm sure he is anxious to enter the octagon again but there is no set opponent for him in the foreseeable future.

Cain Velasaquez has the next fight against Lesnar for the title which will most likely happen in the 4th quarter of this year. Then after that the rumored next title contender could be the fight between Junior Dos Santos and Roy Nelson.

I could see Shane Carwin fighting somebody like Ben Rothwell or Cheick Kongo. Both are legitimate fighters and could see how Shane Carwin rebounds after his loss and if he does win would be in great shape to take on the champion.
Shane Carwin will be back in the Championship contention in 2011 and I'm sure he will be looking to finish what he started from that round against Lesnar. Carwin contends with being an engineer, a fighter, a husband, and being a father which is saying a lot.

He keeps the mindset and doesn't use excuses for the way things develop for better or worse. Carwin is going to be a force just like Brock is right now and that loss against him, even though fresh in everybody's mind isn't something that will be frowned upon in years to come. Carwin is a fighter and when he enters that octagon I'm sure he'll bring a lot more.

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