Fight Focus James Toney vs Randy Couture

Will James Toney be living his own nickname "Lights Out" at UFC 118?

The world famous boxer whose record is pretty impressive (72-6-3) takes on Randy Couture for his first fight since signing with the organization on March 3rd.  He has come out and said that he is going to knockout Randy Couture and is going to win his first fight in MMA.

Sure there is plenty of buildup for a fight and there is plenty of trash talking going both ways. But James Toney is taking this to a whole another level. He wanted to fight Brock Lesnar as well as Chuck Liddell. Both who are legends in the company make it seem like Toney is nothing but all words and no action. So is Toney crazy or looking for something more than just a fight?

Toney comes off as a person who doesn't care what happens as long as he makes his money and pulls another spotlight around him. He continues to insult Randy Couture that he isn't anything to him and wants to show the world what The UFC has missed in James Toney. Yet Toney hasn't proved to anybody that he is a fighter that is capable of giving Couture a run for his money.

The thought process seems to be a little backwards with James Toney as this will be his first fight in MMA. He has publicly stated he doesn't have a clue about MMA and is ready to just "fight". What is the point of talking a bunch of trash to a UFC legend when the cards as well as the odds are really stacked against you? 

With the way Toney is going about himself in this matter he is looking for a nice pay day and wants his first fight to be the one everybody remembers. Will he give THE UFC fans something to remember for a positive or negative result?

James Toney could be an elite boxer but stepping into the octagon is a very different scenario and all the words he has spoken could be all for nothing. James Toney has a big wall ahead of him in Randy Couture and everybody has a chance, but for Toney it's a very slight one.


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