Brock Lesnar Vs Shane Carwin UFC 116

The buildup has been happening for 6 months now and tomorrow it finally comes full circle. Brock Lesnar versus Shane Carwin for the Heavyweight Championship takes place from Las Vegas Nevada. There has been a lot of talk about this fight, as being the biggest of the calendar year. And why shouldn't it be?

Brock Lesnar took The UFC by storm as he came in and immediately worked his way through the division and finally capturing the title from Randy Corture at UFC 91. Brock has shown that WWE isn't the wrestling he is known for as he has dominated almost every fighter he has entered the octagon with.
Lesnar now recovered fully from a life threatening stomach issue and looks in top form for his fight against Carwin. Lesnar has been addressed as the "heel" of The UFC where he doesn't care about the fans or anybody else for that matter. Some say he has a bad attitude others embrace it and enjoy his cockiness and the way he presents himself. Lesnar has proven himself to not only the MMA world but to himself that MMA is his sport to be involved in and being champion is what makes his candle burn.

People can go after him for the way he goes off on others and the direction of insults towards his opponents and the negative attitude he possesses. Nevertheless, Lesnar has one thought on his mind when it comes to entering that octagon, pure punishment. Brock has proven that his only loss in THE UFC (Frank Mir) was a rookie mistake. Leasnar can be compared to being a 5 tool player in baseball and his expectations are vastly high.

For some, the thought of him being out of training for a little over 6 months can be quite devastating to some, but Lesnar is not just an ordinary. He immediately got back into his training regime after he called his healing "a miracle". But the question still remains will the absence of training that Carwin has been doing for a while now catch up to Lesnar tomorrow? Lesnar doesn't feel that the missed time will affect him but the majority opinion is that could be the Achilles heel of his fight if he indeed bows down to Shane Carwin.

Lesnar is going to be a force for years to come and if he does lose the loss won't set him ways back in terms of a rematch. Brock will be a force in the Heavyweight Division and whether the fans hate or love him the fact of the matter is he is a fighter with plenty of skill. Lesnar wants to put Carwin away early or there will be a new Heavyweight Championship.

He's an engineer during the day but at night and any other free time he has, Shane Carwin has been training as a MMA fighter.  Carwin has pushed himself to the top of the Heavyweight ladder and finally has gotten him to his quest of being champion. Carwin has a pretty good background in the sport as he is currently undefeated with a record of 12-0.

During his 12-0 record none of his opponents have escaped the 1st round.  All of his wins have come the way of knockout (7) and submission (5) with his longest fight going to Frank Mir at UFC 111 (3:48). Carwin doesn't lay the huge punch all the time but is more detailed when in the clinch with short punches and uppercuts. During his fight against Frank Mir Carwin used his strength and mobility to pin Mir against the cage and land those short punches which lead to the TKO victory.

Everybody has been raving about Brock's wrestling but Shane Carwin is also very dangerous on the mat as well. Carwin was the 1999 Division 2 Heavyweight Championship in wrestling and was runner up 2 times in 1996 and 1997. Yes it was division 2 championship, but to become a national champion it's very tough and grueling no matter what level. To say that Carwin's wrestling is subpar to Lesnar's if false and very misleading.

Carwin carries the quiet and go along business persona. He wants to avoid all the trash talking and just let the talking be done inside the octagon. Lesnar on the other hand loves to verbally exchange with his opponents hopefully playing mind games and throwing them off their physical balance. Carwin is a very smart fighter and will be the toughest test for Lesnar to date.

The weigh-ins have just concluded with Brock Lesnar weighing in at 264 and Carwin weighing in at the maximum for the division at 265. Both fighters looked physically ready to go and all that is left is for the bell to be rung and let the two best fighters in this division go toe to toe. This will be a fight that will be watched repeatedly for years to come and tomorrow night somebody will be crowned the Unified Heavyweight Champion.

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