P.R. Cole Interview

Eating healthy is a big part of everybody's lifestyle and sometimes we can't always follow a set plan or food choices. However, talking with Cole of Fuel The Fighter she has many ways or alternatives to eating healthy a success. She has a big part of helping fighters learn to make healthy choices in eating correctly and working out to make the body operate smoothly. Below is what Cole had to say about eating healthy and other ventures before Fuel The Fighter.

While going to school did you always want to explore the opportunity to be a Sports Nutritionist?
When I attended Columbia University for my undergraduate education, I majored in biochemistry and was pre-med because I knew that I wanted to delve into some aspect of healthcare but at the time I wasn't particularly sure of what I wanted to focus on.

By the time I was ready for grad school, I definitely knew I wanted to focus my career on sports nutrition. I specifically chose to continue at Columbia to pursue my masters degree because of the joint masters program they offer in nutrition and applied (exercise) physiology.
You have developed your own company called Fuel The Fighter? How did that become into development?

Within the realm of nutrition, my interests are in men's health and combat athletes. Back in 2008 I started work for FIGHT! Magazine as their sports nutrition contributor. While I love writing about nutrition, I wanted work with athletes one-on-one to develop and improve nutrition practices to optimize athletic potential. In 2009 I started Fuel the Fighter LLC, which is a company devoted to sports nutrition education for combat athletes on the individual and group level.

A lot of MMA fighters look toward you for advice on eating healthy and gaining good eating habits. Why do MMA fighters look toward you for suggestions and advice?
I think there are a few reasons why they look to me for advice. As both a fan and practitioner of martial arts, I understand the rigorous and diverse types of training regimens that are the hallmark of MMA. This knowledge about the common training practices enables me to give the best advice to help a fighter fuel and recover from multiple daily training sessions.
I also make sure that my nutrition plans are customized to each client to cater to taste preference, cooking ability/interest, financial ability, schedule, time constraints and overall athletic goals. This personal approach helps my fighters to form a long-term plan that they can stick to and enjoy.

Your background besides being a nutritionist you have learned gymnastics, Twae Kwon Do, and Muay Thai kickboxing, have these skills helped you expand yourself to many different people?
Absolutely. Having grown up with an athletic background I can relate to the physical and emotional pressures that my clients face.

You are also developing your own cook book, what is going to be in the book and where can we purchase it?
The book I'm working on is a guidebook to sports nutrition for both amateur and professional MMA athletes. The manual covers the basics about nutrition, and also goes into how to practically apply strategies to maximize training and competition. Recipes are included as well as instructions on how to formulate your own meal plan based on your goals and current exercise habits. No publication date has been set yet, but be sure to check out www.FueltheFighter.com for updates.

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