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Mark Ecko has been around many years distributing t-shirt and a global clothing line. As the years have gone by so has the changes to the company and Ecko has followed through with many different kinds of products. From cologne, hats, and even shoes Ecko has been a well know company throughout the world.

Now Ecko has made its presence felt in the MMA world that features Miguel Torres, Kurt Pellegrino and many others. The company has gone off to design many walkout shirts as well as fighting shorts for their sponsored fighters. Below is an interview with Josh Slovin the Marketing Assistant for the Ecko MMA line and what made Ecko venture into the sport of MMA.

Ecko has been around a long time with a huge clothing line. What made Ecko enter the sport of MMA?

Ecko has a history of supporting individual sports and helping them gain popularity. Ecko has supported riders in BMX, snowboarding, skateboarding, and more. With MMA, Ecko saw an opportunity to help an emerging industry become more mainstream and in the process expand our business. At Ecko MMA we have a team of MMA experts who look to support the best current fighters and the best up and coming fighters.

The twitter page of Ecko MMA ( has almost 4500 followers on twitter. How big of an impact is twitter and other social media on your company?

Social media gives us an unprecedented opportunity to connect with our fans directly.  With twitter, we connect with our target demographic and update them with contests, sweepstakes, discounts, news, pictures, and videos. We especially enjoy rewarding our followers for showing their support for our products.

How many fighters are sponsored by Ecko and how does that process work?

Some of our high profile sponsored fighters currently signed are Miguel Torres, Kurt Pellegrino, Dustin Hazelett, Patrick Cote, Shane Roller and Jake Rosholt. We have many up and coming fighters throughout the world, ranging from local promotions to regional promotions, and on up to the big shows aired internationally.

At Ecko, we like to brand our fighters with Ecko. We prefer to do long term deals as this builds our brand around a fighter. We want certain fighters to be associated with our brand. For example, we supported Nate Diaz is almost every fight he has had since winning TUF. MMA fans that see Nate on TV almost always see him in Ecko gear, so he becomes associated with our brand.

Before signing anyone, we go through a discussion to see whether the fighter will represent our brand well. Of course there are budgetary constraints as well, so just because we turn down an offer it doesn't mean we don't want a particular fighter.

Where do you see Ecko in 5 years regarding MMA?

Ecko will continue to support and promote MMA.  The sport is growing fast and we are excited to add to its growth wherever possible.

Keep in touch with the MMA Ecko line as the following links below:.

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