The celebrity website as I like to call it and many others do as well has broken into the MMA world and particularly The UFC. TMZ has people all around the world with cameras and free lance reporters covering moves of every celebrity usually in a somber light. Now the company has looked into going after The UFC fighters as well as Dana White the UFC President. Now is this good or bad for the company to be getting put on the website?

I really don't think that TMZ brings positive press coverage for any person or company and they look to insult the topic at hand. I could go on and on regarding the negativity that TMZ brings and it started with Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson.

As everybody knows by now an altercation occurred with Jenna and Tito and it wasn't presented by TMZ in a way I thought was respectful. Rumors were circulated that Tito beat up Jenna; Jenna was taking drugs, and so on and so forth. Then Jenna later had her stories all mixed up. Yet TMZ continued to report what they "heard". It really made the story more than it was and we still haven't heard all the real facts about the day's incidents.

Now TMZ is a great site for going after celebrities and I even find myself visiting it once or twice a day to seeing what is going in the celeb world. But to go after The UFC and its members is just a sad and disappointing idea.  The UFC has many people who want to live their lives as normal people and many have even though TMZ has started their prowl.
I think now that TMZ is in the picture and they are known for the negative reports the fighters and anybody else associated with the business has to be very careful on what they do in the public. If they do something that is even very minor that could draw hits to the TMZ website it will be reported.

Talking with a few fighters I know they want to live their life like a normal person who works from 9 to 5 everyday. They don't want to have cameras all around them taking pictures and being asked what they are doing and what is going on their life. They want to go along with their business and not be hounded by a celebrity status they don't want.

TMZ I honestly think needs to leave the sport alone as I can see more harm than good for the organization as well as the sport.  The website can really make people's live miserable as well as ruin companies that are doing the right things.  But with The UFC they are stepping in the right direction keeping everything on a positive line and TMZ wants to bring them down so to speak.

I know TMZ will say they are just doing their job and what they report is the truth. Yes that's true but I have seen a lot more negative stories in the last couple of months than positive. I am sure that's the case over the last few years the website has been in existence.
So I have a feeling TMZ will continue to cover the athletes of TMZ as well as Dana White just because The UFC is now taking over the main media stream.  It is disappointing the fighters have to be extra careful on what they do doing post fight parties, their reaction to fans and non-fans, and how they represent the company.

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