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What a night at UFC 113 in Montreal Quebec Canada. A new champion was crowned, a sucker punch was given out and a few fighter releases were also given.  Below is my take on the main card fights and what could happen to the fighters and championship challengers in the future.

Alan Belcher Vs Patrick Cote

There was some controversy in this fight as Cote thought he was tombstoned to the mat. From my perspective I thought he was slammed on his face which is technically not illegal.  Cote locked in the rear naked choke and ended the fight. Belcher proceeded to call out Anderson Silva for a fight and saying he is the one that can take him on. I am not sure Belcher is up to that level yet and might need a few more fights before he gets his chance at Silva.

Kimbo Slice Vs Matt Mitrione

What can you say about Kimbo Slice? He was a YouTube sensation and made his way into The UFC looking to make a bigger impact. I think he was a business type signing but nevertheless Kimbo won his first match against Houston Alexander. Mitrione fought Marcus Jones in the TUF Finale and was looking to make an immediate impact against Kimbo. Kimbo for the first round gave Mitrione a run for his money with two big takedowns but that was short lived. Towards the end of the first round and into the second Mitrione took over and really controlled the fight. The fight went to Mitrione and Kimbo was released by The UFC after the PPV event.

What's next for Kimbo? Does Strikeforce sign him and use him as a drawing tool after their brawl that took place? Honestly I would love to see Kimbo join Bellator in the Heavyweight Tournament next year. I believe Kimbo can do really well in this style of tournament and would really draw people to the organization. I had some doubts about Kimbo and the person was portrayed as but I would agree with Dana White and saying he is a well rounded human being.

Jeremy Stephens Vs Sam Stout

Both of these fighters put on a hell of show trading punches and takedowns. The fight was a very close and the split decision was a reflection of that. Stephens looked really strong throughout the rounds and even though he got caught a few times by Stout he survived. Stout had a chance to finish the fight after a quick leg kick to the body but Stephens was resilient. If not for the Main Event I would have given this the Fight of the Night.

Josh Koscheck Vs Paul Daley

This was no doubt a fight that was trash talked filled leading up to it but also during the fight. Koscheck is known for his wrestling background but looks to keep the fight standing up. However Koscheck took this fight to the ground and controlled the fight as Daley's wrestling skills were noticeably weak. The controversy began with Daley giving a supposed illegal knee. From the replay it looked like Koscheck never got hit with the knee.  The fight was stopped and Koscheck was looked at for an eye injury. However that wasn't the end of it as after the fight was over Daley got off the mat walked over to Koscheck and threw a left hand to his face. It was a obvious cheap shot and Daley was immediately released from The UFC after the event. Those little things give MMA a bad name but Dana White did the right thing as he set a precedent for anybody else in the future to do the same thing. With this win Koscheck becomes the next TUF coach and will face George St. Pierre for the Welterweight Championship.

Lyoto Machida Vs Shogun Rua

This was the rematch from last year where a tough decision was given for the judges to pick a winner and Lyoto was that fighter. On Saturday night things ended differently as Shogun looked the man he was in Pride. He really pushed forward on Lyoto and caught him with a short right before dropping him to the canvas. Then Shogun just laid punches on Lyoto and knocked him unconscious to the claim the title. Both are amazing fighters and Shogun found a opening and took advantage of it. Like Joe Rogan said Rua fought with some pent up frustration and that could have been the edge he had over Machida.

Now people are asking who the next challenger for the Light Heavyweight Championship is. I think the next challenger should be the winner of the Evans/Jackson fight at the next PPV. Dana hasn't come out and said it but that would be the most likely scenario.
The Montreal crowd looked into it and this is the 4th straight year The UFC has come to the Bell Centre and Dana has said he wants come every year.

Also I am very happy for the MMA Live crew that got a chance to host the pre and post fight shows on ESPN2. They did an excellent job of highlighting the events of the night and gave highlights as well. Hopefully things continue to expand at ESPN for MMA as I am told this is just the start. Overall, UFC 113 was a card that had something for every fan that was watching on TV or in attendance.

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