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I have been thinking about this the last couple of days of how MMA has dissented into Chicago area and the surrounding areas. In my opinion I just don't think the MMA scene is getting enough exposure to the Chicago area. It really disappoints me that the number 3 market in the United States is falling behind other states that are MMA driven (so to speak).

Chicago can really be a great city to be known as an MMA location. Chicago is known for its hard nose, blue collar workers and that's exactly what MMA fighters are.  They don't get to their position as a fighter but going through the motions and that's a direct relation to what Chicago is all about.

The two major newspapers in Chicago give very little coverage about the sport as my guess they don't think it's newsworthy or something somebody will read.  I know there are plenty of MMA fans out there that have been fans since the conception or for just a few years. Either way the fans really need to push the writers of the two major newspapers and really get the media aspect of the sport included to Chicago.

There is a great website called Chicago MMA and covers everything that is related to Chicago and MMA. However websites can only do so much as many individuals still rely on the newspaper to get their news. There are plenty of events in Chicago to attend and get your MMA addiction.  Yet no coverage is pushed towards any type of media (radio, or print) to let people know. It is kind of giving the fans of MMA the cold shoulder and saying that MMA is a fad and will go away soon.

MMA will never go away as it is just growing. There may have been a time where there was some nervousness on what would happen with the sport but that is long gone. MMA is just beginning to become a mainstream sport across the United States and Chicago needs to join the acceptance of it.

Correct me if I'm wrong but was there a big coverage of UFC 90 took place? I honestly don't recall the two biggest newspapers gathering that much coverage on the event before or after. Like I said if I am wrong please correct me.

My point being though that Chicago is a place that people love to come and with The UFC not coming again this year really makes me think has MMA passed Chicago by? Do they not see the drive of the media and fans enough to make a stop here to gather the numbers they are looking for?  It would be a very sad situation if that aroused but hopefully The UFC or even The WEC makes their way towards Chicago next year.

There are plenty of great writers who write about MMA not only on this site but all over the Internet.  I really hope the fans really push the local papers to get more coverage on the sport that is really taking off and not leave Chicago in its dust trails. 

Hopefully in the next few months Chicago feels the MMA surge of fans pushing for more coverage not only from writers as well as from bloggers and other Chicago based personalities. Chicago is a great city for food, sightseeing, and MMA. I will make every effort to get more coverage towards the Chicago media and take any ideas or suggestions you have. Chicago needs more MMA because not only do I blog about it but I love watching as a fan. Chicago has some dedicated fans and it's time for those fans to speak up for the sport.

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  • "how MMA has dissented into Chicago area and the surrounding areas."

    Do you mean they have been protesting?

  • Ted, solid points made. For a while I thought the Suntimes was slowly coming around on MMA. I'd see Roman Modrowski blog about UFC once in a while and I was convinced the paper would see the "light" so to speak.

    Tribune I had no hope for when it came to MMA. The paper seemed indifferent when UFC was breaking out(2005, the TUF era)and suffered from a problem that existed at many big newspapers: old people who didn't understand new media or the interests/habits of a new generation of news/information consumers. It's the same old people who saw boxing as the only ring sport and dubbed MMA as streetfighting or whatever ignorant term they wanted to use.

    As for the TV stations, well they all suffered from NFL/MLB/NBA/Golf syndrome during the start of the TUF era. If it didn't feature a ball of some kind then it wasn't on their radar. Notice I have golf being in the grouping and not hockey? That's because during that period hockey received "courtesy" coverage, and Tiger was tearing it up on the greens(nevermind the fact the PGA & other tours had Chicago area events.) This attitude continues today and frankly a local TV sportscast is the last place I'm going to for MMA news, even on local figures like Clay Guida, Jeff Curran, Miguel Torres, Ricardo Lamas, Arlovski, etc. Outside of an occassional feature story local TV MMA coverage gets a big fat "F".

    The other fact is that internet/new media has too big of a head start on the local papers when it comes to MMA coverage. However one paper that does a solid job is the NWI Times. Sports writer Matt Erickson has the "Caged In" column and he's all over the pros from the region.

    I don't know about other fans, but for me personally unless the Trib or Suntimes lock up a top web-based reporter who I know really "knows" MMA then I'll continue to get my fight news online. Till then the papers are fine for Bears, Cubs, Sox, Blackhawks, etc.

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