Support The Troops UFC Style

There are so many brave individuals out there in the world but the bravest in my opinion are the men and woman who serve at war for this country. They are the most risking their lives every day and any sporting event that they can see would be moral boost for each and every one of them.

The WWE has done with their yearly Tribute To The Troops shows in Iraq. I have seen some of their shows and highlight packages and they do a phenomenal job giving back to those wonderful people. The WWE has done it for 7 years now and it looks like it will continue until all the troops are brought back home.  Now The UFC wants to do something for the troops and I think it's really a great concept.

Dana White has stated to my good friend Ariel Helwani that he wants do an event later this summer in Afghanistan. The only problem is that they don't know how they would shoot it or even broadcast it. Dana really seemed like he was really pushing the event and I hope it happens as well.

My thought would be that Dana White and The UFC would talk to the WWE corporate headquarters and try to mimic their plan. I think this would be the best way to do this and would be a safe process for everybody involved.

Even though the war has settled down considerably since the beginning, almost 9 years ago there is still work to be done. If The UFC decided to put on a show for the troops then I think they will do everything in their power to get there. I just worry about the unexpected fire fights that could take place and the security that could be hampered while the show is going on.

During the years that WWE has gone there for their yearly event there has been some close security problems and the wrestlers have come close to bombs, fire fights and other war incidents. I just don't want to see a great idea be turned away for a lack of security for the protection of the staff and fighters.

On the business side I really hope Zuffa (parent company of The UFC) doesn't look at this as a negative in their books in terms of income. This should be looked at as a proud moment for anybody living in the United States or for anyone that wants to be protected by others. Money shouldn't be a issue that would make Zuffa look away but it would gain plenty of publicity for their company. It would also show they really care about the true heroes in the world and giving back is the best gift of all.

I am really anxious to see this be announced in the next few months and would really give an upbeat feeling to every troop overseas and around the world. The UFC has the smartest promoters and people in the business and with that said I can see this getting announced ASAP!

Below is the interview that Ariel Helwani did with Dana regarding this great idea.

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