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If you haven't been watching TUF on Spike TV on Wednesday nights you are missing out. This show brings out unknown fighters and gives them a chance at a shot of a 6 figure contract with The UFC. This show this year loses no excitement or broken body parts for that matter.

Charley Lynch was one of those fighters who was looking for a chance to get into the TUF house and faced off against his friend Clayton McKinney, During that fight Charley suffered a broken nose and ultimately lost the fight. However Charley hasn't stopped his training. Check out what Charley had to say.

1. First off let me ask how is your nose feeling and how bad was it broken after the fight?

My nose is good thanks to an $8000 bill and a great plastic surgeon.  It was basically completely destroyed. Lucky for me it looks better than before, which ain't saying much but..... I'm OK with the outcome.

2.What was the process like of trying out for TUF and what was most difficult or interesting during the tryouts?

I went to the tryouts in Seattle last April for season 10.  I actually fought 2 days prior to tryouts and didn't even plan on going but a friend of mine was going out and already had a hotel so i figured, might as well.  My interview there would set up an interesting perception with the producers.  I went to Vegas and got close until Kimbo Slice called out the middleweights on that season.  I made a phone call in October and made the cut again... Which would lead into the demise of Charley..

3. What are your future plans in terms of MMA?

I'll fight again.... question is when....????

4. Off camera how was the rest of the crew towards you before and after your fight?

All the producers were super cool towards me. It was a cool experience.  Its unfortunate, I felt like i disappointed everyone there and wasted there time.  At least it made for good TV.

5. Do you plan to try out for TUF in the future?
That's something you only do once.  Its good exposure for a young fighter (unless your face gets smashed in) haha.  I Think its a good idea for anyone because the game is so saturated with fighters right now that its hard to get recognized.

6. What is your advice to possible future fighters getting into the sport?

Stop drinking whiskey, Quit eating audible, and live in your gym!!!

Charlie was a real pleasure to interview and hope to see inside the octagon. Below is the video of what happened to him during the fight. It is a bit graphic so just a friendly warning.

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