Anderson Silva's Antics

His nickname is the Spider and he has been in The UFC for 4 years now and he can be argued as the best pound for pound fighter in Middleweight Division. You have to give this man credit that he is very good at what he does and he wears a championship belt to support that statement.  Yet after what I saw from him last night makes not only himself look bad but the whole organization.

After what he did last night was totally unacceptable and embarrassing to the entire UFC and the rest of its fighters. His championship match was supposed to be the Main Event of the evening and his challenger Damian Mia was ready to go. Yet after Silva knew he had the big advantage and could have ended the fight at anytime. Yet we got normal Anderson Silva and I hate to say his antics are now normal.

At UFC 90 and UFC 97 Anderson Silva introduced us to the taunting, cocky, careless side of himself.  This man is a professional fighter and he has all the time in the world to finish the fights yet he wants to keep it going like it's the WWE. The first two incidents could be looked at as entertainment or Silva being Silva but last night was totally unacceptable.

Anderson Silva is supposed to be a professional athlete and yet he conducts himself like a 10 year old. He not only embarrassed himself but the rest of the company because he thought he was doing the right thing. If he really is that good then finish the fight and knock off the extra mannerisms. He is making the octagon look like it's a walk in the park.

Why makes this guy do these type of things when there is suppose to be a lot of back and forth exchanging? Is it to get a rouse out of his opponent or the crowd? Dana White was obviously frustrated with the main event and dropped the belt to Silva's manager and said "you put it on him". Dana White can only do so much when it comes to signing fights but he can't make the fighters fight. But that shouldn't even be a question because MMA is a hardcore type of sport and Anderson Silva doesn't seem to care.

Taunting is one thing but this guy takes it above and beyond that. He disrespected Mia and the belt he was defending because Silva is ego maniac. Silva had a chance to defend himself in the press conference but all he did was say that he did nothing wrong and fought a great fight.

Um Silva when you say great fight, you need to fight in order to get that title. There are others on that roster that would love to be in your place right now and go all out. Yet for some unknown reason you still think it's fun and enjoyable for you to sport the mockery side. Dana said it the best "You might see Silva the only champion to fight in the prelims". I can't blame Dana, The UFC, or anybody else because Silva has brought this upon himself.

I also give credit to the fans of Abu Dubai for voicing their displeasure because they seemed like a very knowledgeable and knew what Silva was doing. Dana has said he would make it up to the fans and knowing his track record Dana will. Dana isn't your ordinary businessman because he cares for the people that pay to watch the fights and if it's something he doesn't like then he would correct it.

It just is very frustrating that such a great card of fights had to be white washed because of Silva's antics. A lot of people are angry and who can blame them. There are few who are out there that would defend Silva but what's the point?  This wasn't the first time he has done it and Dana doesn't want it to go on anymore.

I hope Dana really shows Silva what it means to be in The UFC because it seems he'd rather be on Dancing with the Stars than in the octagon. In my opinion Dana should really enforce a tough punishment so this type of thing never happens again.

Anderson Silva let a lot of people down and it doesn't seem like he cares. He could be an excellent fighter if he actually goes out there to fight. This isn't a ego contest this is mixed martial arts and Silva still hasn't found that medium. 

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