UFC 111 Press Conference Notes

Yesterday the UFC 111 press conference took place and it had all the fighters from the card (excluding Shane Carwin). Dana White also took questions from the media and fans. Below are some highlights from the numerous questions asked.

Pressure for GSP

Worst part is the waiting part. I'm a proud guy and want to
do well but I'm a nervous guy before the fights. However when I walk into that
octagon the nervousness turns into good energy.

Dana White on Orlando

Wanna go into the markets they haven't been in before. But
want to go to Oakland soon and explore other areas as well.

Mir on Carwin

Successful on the standup and successful on the wrestling
side. So he needs to pick his poison but either way he will lose no matter the decision.

GSP on training

I always look to get better everyday and don't quit. I
changed my weight training and hopefully my training has improved when he
enters the octagon.

Mir on Lesnar

He has a great camp and can't overlook Carwin. He is
undefeated and he is enough of a threat to keep his attention on him.

Dana White on woman in The UFC

Few woman that were good in boxing but not enough
competition to be draw more numbers. Maybe the woman division in MMA will get
there one day but it's not there yet

Future TUF plans

to take Ultimate Fighter all over the world, one if the middle east the UK and
Wants do what the The UFC does and travel all over the world. TUF tryouts are next week in North Carolina.

If you want to watch the press conference in full click the link below.


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