UFC 111 Predictions

Welterweight Championship

George St. Pierre
Dan Hardy

Prediction:I really like GSP in this match. Both men are really good fighters in this division but I just see GSP picking up the win tomorrow night. He is such a fluid fighter with his punches and kicks smooth. Dan Hardy could give GSP a problem early but I see him settling in and beating Hardy with a knock-out.

Interim Heavyweight Championship

Frank Mir
Shane Carwin

Prediction: Another match-up that could go either way. Mir has tons of confidence going into this fight and I think it could be too much. I still think Mir is overlooking this fight and already concentrating on Lesnar. Carwin from all the interviews and talking to him myself is ready to go and leaves the trash talking out of it. This could end very quickly or could last a round or two. I don't see this one going this distance and punches will be flying. I like Carwin beating Mir and heading to the summer event against Lesnar.

Kurt Pellegrino
Fabricio Camoes

Prediction: Another match that is being overlooked as a "filler" fight. However Pellegrino and Camoes aren't two that should be taken lightly. Camoes has finished his last 4 fights with either a submission or knock-out. Pellegrino's last 3 fights, 2 of them were finished with a decision. With that said Pellegrino has the endurance to go the distance but Camoes has an excellent ground game as well. I like Camoes in this fight finishing it with another submission.

Jon Fitch
Ben Saunders

Prediction: Ben Saunders was the man who wanted to be in this fight after Thiago Alves had an abnormal CT scan. Jon Fitch is going into this with a 3 fight winning streak. The majority of his fights have finished with a decision so it wouldn't be rare to see this one go the distance. However Ben Saunders can finish fights with his knee or fist strikes. I'm gonna give Fitch the edge in this one just because Saunders is filling in at a moment's notice.

Jim Miller
Mark Bocek

Prediction:  This looks to be the first fight of the evening and could be one that will get the crowd going immediately. Bocek has such an excellent ground game and a superb rear naked choke that anything can happen. Both are looking to make an immediate impact and are going to try to do it early in their fight. I will give Miller the edge however as I think he can avoid the submission attempts and pick up the win.

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